best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


2. chapter 2

After a few hours i got a text from harry saying " i'm on my way love cant wait to see that beautiful face of yours again" i blush. Me and harry have been texting ever since he left nandos with the boys. after like 15 minutes you get a knock at the hotel door. I     open it to see a sexy harry styles. I yell to my mom who is skyping my dad that your leaving with harry now.I leave to harry's but on our way we stop at a movie store and get a bunch of scary movies and then toy story for Liam. When we got there the boys are on the couch watching god knows what. So i diside to run into the room and scare the shit out of all the boys. After i did Niall is in Liams arms Louis is hiding behind the couch and Zayn is in a ball on the couch. Then harry comes in and laughing hella hard like i am. Louis says "harry keep your girl under control will you" that makes us laugh even harder. after a cupple more minutes we stop and start the movies. After like the first 15 minuets i'm in a ball jumping at everything. Then i can feel someones hands pulling at you and i notice that its harry but i diside to scare him and scream. Than everyone looks at me and i'm like "what harry scared me by touching me" then when they all turn back to watching the movie i move over to harry and cuddle with him. after about 3 movies harry pulls me into his room and asks me "i know we have only known eachother for a day but it feels like a life time so i was wondering.... would you like to me my girlfriend zoe" than i jump on him knocking him onto the bed while screaming yes at him. after i get up he gives me a kiss and we walk back to the boys hand in hand. Best night ever.

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