best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


18. chapter 18

After we drop maria off we stop be annies house for a second. When we get there gaven is outside jadens house with him. When i got out of the car i stayed far away from him but he was staring at me until harry and niall gave him a look of hate. I get to annies house and the boys are acting like body grads to me it funny. When annie opened the door i jumped on her yelling hi.  We go inside quick because she saw gaven. When we got in there i told her that she is my maid of honer in my wedding and she was so happy. Before i knew it we were watching tv while talking and eating ice cream. Then i looked at the time and saw that we had to leave so we say bye and leave. Before we left i got a message from gaven saying "hey im sorry that i broke your heart, but if you just tell me that you are not mad at me i will leave you alone and stop trying to get your attention" Then i showed harry and niall and they went over to gaven ragging mad like they are going to kill him. I yell at harry saying "harry please dont do this i dont want you getting into a fight about 3 days before we get married" Then i started to think how hot it would be with a guy with his body covered with marks from a fight protecting his girl and cleaning him of his marks it would be hella hot but no we are getting married soon. "zoe then please just tell him you dont hate him so he can leave us alone" I nod and head over to gaven while harry and niall go by the car. I go up to him and say "gaven i dont hate you now can you leave us alone please i want to be harry while here not pissed at you" "ok zoe i will leave you alone but you have to prove that you dont hate me give me a hug babe" I look at harry with a like help me kind of look and he just mouths "just do it so he leaves us alone" So i give him a quick hug and leave running to the car. 

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