best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


17. chapter 17

We left jills and i told harry i wanted to go shopping because it was just me and him now the boys left to the hotel before the fight. We go to Loyd Center witch is the mall i like to go. When we get there since i know this mall alot i take harry ever were i know so i take him to Victorias Secret, Hot Topic, Zumiez, and Clares. While at Clares he buys me a harry necklace and bracelet and he also bus me a one direction blanket and pillow. After all the shopping we pass by a Toys'R'Us and he drags me in there. He tells me to stay in one spot while he goes to do something. When he comes back he gives me a harry doll. He said "now you have this for when im not with you you can hold this and think of me" I smile and kiss him and we leave for the hotel. When we get to the hotel it is surrounded by fans. While harry is sighing autographs i can hear girls saying shit about me but i dont care. I also saw a face i know i look closer i see its my friend maria and i run up to her. When i go up to her i ask if she wants to come up and meet the boys and she said yes while jumping up and down. I go tell harry that we are going to the boys and he comes to. While going up to the boys i have to tell maria to stay calm about all this. When we get up there i introduce everyone and when i did niall was staring at her like he was in love with her and she looked the same at him. After that little moment she goes and sits next to niall and i told her she is a brides maid, she flipped out. A little later she had to go home so me harry and niall take her home.

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