best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


13. chapter 13

I called my friend jaden and said "hey jay since you are my buddy will you please go talk to gaven and tell him to leave me the fuck alone" "ok i will but, what did he do to get you this mad at him now" "will... im getting married soon and i dont need his messing this up for me now and he has been saying that he loves me and shit at he keeps saying he wants me back and saying sorry for being a bitch to me" "well im sorry zoe i will do my best to help you" "thanks jay i love you" "love you to zoe" Then i hung up the phone and sat with harry and now chela in the living room. "what happend with jaden" harry asked. I said "nothin just told him what has been happing and he said he would help me" I look over at chela and see that she like flinches every time jadens name is said then i remember she hates his guts "im sorry chela for talking about this around you i know you hate jaden" "its ok zoe you just forgot for a second there"  While we are watching tv i told chela that we are leaving for the USA in a cupple of days so dont let anyone but her in the house. Then my phone started to ring and it was jaden. I picked it up "hey jay what happened" " gaven knows that you are coming to the USA and he bought tickits and backstage passes for when one direction comes to organ" "oh shit thanks for telling me jaden i love  you" "anytime love ya to" I hung up and told harry about gaven. "oh hell no i am going to kick his ass" Harry said. Then i said "calm down babe its fine its not like he will touch me or some shit" After that little episode we all just kick it and watch tv until we fall asleep. 

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