best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


12. chapter 12

After about an hour i wake up with harrys arms wrapped around me while he is still sleeping. I get out out of his arms and decide to make some tea. While im downstairs i go in my laptop to check me Facebook again. When i get on i just got more hate and another message form gaven. I dont even read the message i just delete it and start crying. I guess harry could hear me because he comes down and comforts me and keeps asking me what happened. Once i told him gaven texted me again he calls the boys to get over and they call him. After a while of yelling and cussing at gaven they let him talk and he says "sorry harry and the rest of you i just really want to talk to her and get her to stop hating me please understand" Then i take the phone and yell at him "gaven i will never stop  hating you dont you get that you broke my heart and now will you please bother someone else for a change im getting married sometime soon and i dont need to deal with your shit now if you keep messaging me and one direction will kick your ass got it" Then i just hang up the phone and run into harrys arms and cry while him and the boys comfort me like always. They start saying stuff like "he is a bastard, he dosent deserve you, if he messages you again we will kick his ass" then i start to laugh which makes them laugh. then harry says "zoe i will do anything and everything to keep him away from you" "well.. harry i think i know someone who can talk to him for me"so i pick up my phone and call my friend jaden so he can talk to him.

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