best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


11. chapter 11

Harry called gaven and said "gaven stay the fuck away from my girlfriend she hates you now and she is going to be my wife and i will do anything to protect her" Then gaven says "who is this and who is your girlfriend there is only one girl i want and that's zoe and she dosent have a boyfriend" "yes she dose she is right here next to me she is the reason im talking to your bitch ass" "can i at least tell her im sorry for those year i acted like a bitch to her please then i will stop talking to her" Then harry hands me the phone. I say "what the fuck do you want gaven" "i wanted to say sorry for all the years i was a bitch and that i broke your heart could you forgive me please zoe" "gaven before i came to london and met harry my heart belonged to you and now 3 months after meeting harry you decide to start texting me saying you love me and shit i will never and i mean never forgive your ratchet ass now leave me alone" Then i hang up the phone before he could say another word. After i hung up the phone i started crying thinking about all the shit i went threw with gaven. Harry came over to comfort me in this state and he say that i was rubbing my arm and he asked why. I said "after me and gaven broke up i tryed to get over him but i couldn't and the more and more he acted like a bitch to me i started to cut, i cut his name into my hand and i just cut deeper and deeper lines into my arm. When he notices i always wore a jumper over everything he texted me asking whats wrong and i wrote him a letter explaining everything and i wrote him letter after letter telling him how much i want him" "zoe what did the letters really say" "the first letter said gaven i miss you you were the reason i wanted to go to school in the morning and you were the reason i smiled during the day and when you broke up with me it broke me into pieces and now i cry every night and i cut because of you that's what i wrote to gaven im sorry you have to listen to me right now" "no zoe i want to help you why dont we go take a nap and get our minds clear" Then we go to our room and get this moment off our minds.

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