best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


10. chapter 10

Its almost time to leave for the tour it starts in a week and i just woke up to find harry not next to me. I go searching for him and find him at my mums house so i go to see why. When i got over there harry just said for me to go back home and finish packing since we leave in a week so i do. While im about done packing harry comes in and gives me a kiss and i ask "what was that for" Then he says " zoe i know you love me and i love you soo..." He bends down on one knee and says "zoe anne johnson will you make me the happiest man of earth and be my wife" Once he said that i was speechless. He was holding out a big diamond ring and i fianly say yes. He puts the ring on my finger and twirls me around while kissing me. After about a minute i finnaly realise my dream of marring harry styles is coming true and i faint. I woke up with harry stoking my hair while he says "wake up mrs.styles" Then i start to laugh while i check my twitter. While i was looking through the trends i see "zoe styles" trending and the number one tweet was a picture harry took of me sleeping and then all the fans are saying congratulations and only a cupple are saying shit but i dont give a fuck about them harry is mine not theres. Then i go on my facebook and post a picture of me and harry with the caption "me and my soon to be husband arnt we the cutest" Later that day im on my facebook again and i got so many likes on that one picture from all my friends and even people i dont know. Then i started to read the comments and most of them were hate so me and chela were yelling at them to shut the fuck up about me and harry and that picture being photo shop and shit. Then i got a message from my ex-boyfriend gaven. The message said "heyyy beutuful i miss you so much when will you be back maybe we can go out and get back together and shit txt me or call me sexy love gaven and here is my number 555-343-4322 i hope to hear from you soon love ya" Once i read the i called harry to come read it. Once he reads it he says 'what the fuck why is this gaven dude saying he loves you and why is he calling you sexy and giving you his number" "babe he is this guy i dated for a while and he broke up with and i was still madly in love with him then i got over him right before i came to London and he hated me ever since he dumped me and now he wants me back i guess" Then harry says "just dont talk to him please it would make me happy knowing that you arnt talking to a guy who wants you your mine now" "could you call him for me harry please just tell him to stay away from me like scare him away be dark harry and protect me your bo"

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