best vacation ever (harry styles fan fiction) 14+

my name is Zoe. when my mom took me London i never knew that my life could change in one second by walking into a restaurant.


1. chapter 1

My name is Zoe and i have blond hair with pink highlights and blue/green eyes. I'm the biggest directioner in my school even thought i just got out of high school. One day my mum surprises me with tickets for me and her to go to London. Since my mum knows that i like one direction she takes me to nandos the first day we get there. When i walked in there was no one there but this one group of guys with there hoods on. When i go to sit down one of the guys got up and bumped into me making me fall down and his hood fall down. When i look up to see the bitch that pushed me down i say a guy with the most wonderful green eyes and really curly hair. I was just staring at him when he said "love are you ok om sorry for pushing you down" i'm still on the ground frozen that in in front of THE harry styles. When i snap out of it he helps me up and said "you have beautiful eyes whats your name love" "h-h-hi my name is Zoe" "what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" with him saying that i start blushing like crazy. Then harry starts laughing at me but i don't know why so u know i ask "whats so funny" "i'm sorry but i'm surprised that you haven't screamed or something yet because by the looks of your shirt i can see that you are a fan" he said looking at my "I LOVE HARRY STYLES" shirt. I start laughing when my mum says "Zoe are you going to come eat or are you stay flirting with your lover boy" then i start blushing. Then harry asks me "hey Zoe do u wanna come hag out with me and the boys later" "sure let me ask me mum" i look over at her with a look that says can i. So she nods and i turn back to harry and say  "i don't know styles only if we can watch scary movies i love them" "ok love we can watch scary movies i will pick you up at your hotel" "ok see you then" then we give each other our numbers and right when i was about to go back to my mum harry said " and i also love you phone case i look hot" he was starring at my phone with him on it shirtless with "SEXY" written on it. now i'm blushing even more that before. i cant wait till i get to see harry again tonight. <3

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