The Lucky One

Gabriella and Lindsay are two best friends who go to a one direction concert with vip passes. What happens after is for you to find out!


2. The Concert

“Ahhhhh I don’t know what to wear!” I yelled in the phone to Lindsay. Did I mention we have VIP passes so we are actually meeting the boys!


“Calm down Bre..” she replied. “How can I calm down! This is going to be the best day of my life!!” I yelled into the phone. I finally decided on jean shorts with a cute blouse. I put on a pink necklace with matching small earrings. “Perfect.”


“Breathe breathe” I kept thinking to myself as I walked to Lindsay’s house. “I’m upstairs!” she said. “Come on we better get there in time!” Once we got to the arena it was jam-packed. Fangirls everywhere. Lin and I found our seats at the front and sat down waiting for the boys to come on. I can’t even explain my happiness.


When the beat of WMYB started playing my heart was racing way too fast. Lin and I jumped and sang along to every song. Then that moment, Harry Styles yes The Harry Styles winked at me! OMG!


After the final song the boys said, “Hope you guys enjoyed the show. We love you all! Thanks for coming!” We made our way back stage to the meet and greet. I was getting impatient as we waited in line. My prince charming was on the other side of this wall!


“Hi.” I said almost speechless as we entered the room. “Hellllo!!!!” Louis said enthusiastically. Lin was having a great conversation with Niall over there while I was standing awkwardly not knowing what to say. “Hey babe how are you?” Harry said. OMG he called me babe! “Great! and you?” “Amazing, you guys are truly the best fans.” he told me. The photographer toke a picture and we all made silly faces at the camera. “Thanks so much” I said. “No problem babe mind if I can have your number?” Harry asked me. “Um um um sure.” I toke out my phone and he typed in his number and toke a picture. “Thanks we’ll see you soon!” Was this all a dream?


Author's Note

Let me know what you guys think so far. This is my first fanfic so I'm not very good at writing details and stuff. Post a comment if you have an suggestions! Thanks so much for reading :)

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