The Lucky One

Gabriella and Lindsay are two best friends who go to a one direction concert with vip passes. What happens after is for you to find out!


1. Introduction

“You’re going to be late!” My mom yelled. “Coming, coming!”


I ran down the stairs and out the door. It was the last year of school before summer vacation. That means just 10 more days till Lindsay and I go to the One Direction Concert!!!


I usually walk to school since it only 10 minutes away but today I ran. Just a minute before the bell rang, I sat down in Mr. Beecham’s class.


“Bre?” The teacher asked during attendance. My real name is Gabriella but everyone calls me Bre for short. “HERE!” I replied panting. “You okay dear?” “Yes” I replied and weakly smiled still trying to catch my breath.




Lindsay and I were walking home from school. She lives 3 houses down from my house so we always walk together and catch up at the end of the day.

“Lin.. I can’t wait 10 more days!!”

“I know, super excited!” I walked her to the door then went to my house.

After taking a nap, I logged on Tumblr to chat to my followers for a bit.




“Dinner’s ready!” My mom called. We usually have a family dinner but tonight my dad was at a meeting. He works for a management in the O2 arena, that’s why my house is huge. “Stop eating like pig, Jeremy!” I exclaimed. My brother is just 2 years older than me and still acts like a child. Yes, we have that annoying brother sister relationship. We ate in silence then I went back to my room to sleep and enjoy the few months we have off from school.

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