Niall's Girl <3

A Girl Named Lucy Meets Niall In High School In their Junior Year Well She Was Just An Ordinary Girl, But After Meeting Him It's Not That Ordinary....


2. My date with Niall

That day after school that boy came up to me and gave me his number and told me his name when we exchanged numbers I left but right when I turned around he had grabbed my arm gently and told me "I can't wait for our date Lucy." "Neither can I"                                                  *****Lucys P.O.V*****Right after school I went straight home to get ready I go in the shower and took at least 30min I don't want to smell like sweat when I'm on my date well anyways when I get out I get a text on my phone that says (from:Niall) "hey Lucy you almost ready can't wait to see you." I didn't reply because I would want to make him think that I'm getting ready. Well I decided to put on black skinny jeans with a flowery chiffon with blue high tops and I curled my hair  and put a little bit of make up. I decided to text him and say I'm ready but I didn't need to because when I went downstairs to wait for him he was already there when I slowly walked in I saw his jaw drop down like if he was about to drule I just laughed at him and he said "you look beautiful as always miss Lucy Gonzales. "Why thank you Niall. Shouldn't we be going now?" " Yes of course"                                                                                 ****Niall's P.O.V**** When I arrived at Lucy's house I think her older sister opened the door Lucy really didn't really talk to her maybe she just didn't see her well when I saw Lucy she looked beautiful.She is the most BEAUTIFUL girl I've ever dated I can't believe she is going to be mine tonight. When we got in the car the first thing she asked me was "Are you American?"of course I knew I wasn't so I told her "No I'm Irish" "Oh well that's good cause your accent is very attractive" I blushed a little and smiled cause that's the first time someone told me directly.Before we arrive for our date I realize that she has the most beautiful eyes I've seen in a while her eyes are a combination of green and hazel. I tell her "Lucy you have the most beautiful eyes that I ever seen." "Niall you have better eyes than I do, you have crystal blue eyes and I just have greenish-brownish eyes."                                                               ****Lucy's P.O.V**** So on our way for our date Niall kept on complimenting me it was kinda wierd.... Anyways we had to walk a little for our date and I realized we were outside and we were going to have a

picnic. I thought it was cute I never had a picnic date before, so I think this going to be interesting.   During the date Niall and I were mostly asking questions about each other and I notice we have some same things in common. We both like music, he likes short girls I'm 5'2 he is  5'7 he is so tall compared to me I just love it. "Hey Lucy can I ask you something?" "Yeah?!" "Will you be my girlfriend?" "Aww Niall yes I'll be your girlfriend." After the date Niall dropped me off at my house I'm so happy I'm his, he is so sweet, nice and caring I'm just so happy to be called his now.

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