Niall's Girl <3

A Girl Named Lucy Meets Niall In High School In their Junior Year Well She Was Just An Ordinary Girl, But After Meeting Him It's Not That Ordinary....


1. 1st Day Of Being A Junior


                             *****Lucy's P.O.V****

I'm so excited to start school again I miss all my friends.Okay on my way to school I get a text from my best friend Britney it says (Hey I see you from behind let's go to school together). As she pulled up towards me I look around before i get in the car and I saw this unfamiliar boy he looks like a full on American with beautiful blue eyes but I just ignored him. Right when I get in Britney told me "Hey Lucy, woh you look different you curled you hair for the first time this year" "Nice to see you too Britney" "Okay Britney can we start going?"  " Yea let's go"


                          **Britney's P.O.V**

Right before Lucy got in the car I saw a boy our age he is tots hot I hope we see him at school.Oh yea and I didn't tell Lucy cause she would probably freak out.When Lucy gets in the car she looks different.Maybe this all happened because of what happened in the Summer.. **FLASHBACK** When Lucy, her boyfriend and I were walking around the mall there were these mean girls Stephany and April they were the same age as us anyway Lucy and her boyfriend were just talking and than the girls come up and tell Lucy's boyfriend this "Hey Justin why are you still with Lucy are you with her cause you felt sorry for her" right in front of Lucy's face wow I can't believe they just said that real messed up. ** End Of Flashback**   Well that's why I think she looks different. Anyways when Lucy and I arrive at school we go straight to the office to get our schedule we screamed and realized we have all the classes together.

                                **Lucy's P.O.V**

Yay this can't get any better my bestfriend and I have all the same classes.When Britney and I get to class I saw the same guy that I saw in the morning I hope he isn't in most of my classes. Well since I got a mean teacher she put us in the way she wants us for the seats and than I realized that I had to sit next to that guy. When the teacher wasn't looking of course he had to talk to me his first question was "Are you free this weekend?" when he said that the first thing that popped in my head is that he wanted me when I replied I saw the most beautiful eyes in history I immediately turned red because i realized he is hot and he seems nice so when he asked one more time because I took a while I said "Yes" my school day is pretty good. 


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