cry me a river

Darcy styles as you can guess is harry styles daughter. Her uncle niall horan promised that he would always protect her. But when harry ends up in hospital fighting for his life niall has too choose whether to furfill his old promise and look after his friends daughter or just carry on with his life.


8. where am i

Darcys p.o.v Hi daddy I muttered to my dad as I walked in the room. I held on to his hand and gave him a kiss. I was about to let go when I realised that I could not let go of his hand he had gripped it. Uncle ni i called he's moving. All 4 of my dads band members came rushing in apart from uncle zee (Zayn) who rushed to get a nurse. I heard my dad moan. Daddy I screamed and then cried in happiness. His eyes fluttered open. D-d-da-darcy he croaked. I ran forward and gave him a hug. Who are you he asked me. I'm Darcy I replied. Your daughter. No he said my daughter is 4 years old so who are you. Hazza mate niall said stepping in front of me. I clung to uncle boo(Louis) and sobbed into him. Darcys 16 not 4 hazza. This is your little princess niall continued shoving me dad in a gentle way. Really my dad asked me. I nodded and hugged him. Now i remember he said it was your 16th birthday yesterday and I ruined it for you didn't i. Oh I'm so sorry princess. It's fine.daddy I told him I'm just happy your awake. Harrys p.o.v I remembered Darcy and all four boys. Boo bear, nialler, daddy direction and dj malik. I remembered uncle si and one direction but I couldn't remember any of the lyrics. This could ne a problem. Zayn came rushing into the room. Hazza he yelled all the docs gotta do is run some tests and your free to go which means the concert tonight don't have to be cancelled. Umm about that I said I can't remember any of the words. Don't worry shouted liam daddy directioner has a plan.
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