cry me a river

Darcy styles as you can guess is harry styles daughter. Her uncle niall horan promised that he would always protect her. But when harry ends up in hospital fighting for his life niall has too choose whether to furfill his old promise and look after his friends daughter or just carry on with his life.


18. waking up- for real

harrys p.o.v


i started to see bright lights. really brigh lights. i heard voices i recognised but i didnt know who they belonged to. i hear a name. Darcy. that sounded familiar. but i just didnt know where. i heard a soft sweet voice whispering sweetly in my ear. it was a nice voice i wanted to know who it belonged to. i slowly opened my eyes. there was a young girl staring at me. she looked really pretty but i have no clue who she  is. just then a person i presume a doctor walked into the room. "mr styles i would like a word" he called out. none of the guys in this room stepped forward."um guys" i called "i think one of you are being called." they all just stared at me. "no" the blonde guy with a heavy irish accent said "hes calling you hazza" i just ignored him again. he said hazza. maybe he was talking to one of his mates. "hazza" called a tall brown hair guy. he had a frizzy haired girl hanging on to him. "oiiiii hazza" yelled another brown haired boy. his hair was spiky and he had quite an obese girl on his arm. maybe she was pregnant. who was this hazza. was he the only remaining boy in the room. he had spiky black hair and a lot of tattoos. he came up to me and said " i dont know if you remember us but you are harry styles. the doctor wants to see you." he slowly backed off. "um guys" i tried to say as politely as possible "would you excuse me and the doctor and wait outside for a moment.


zayns p.o.v


it really broke my heart to see hazza like that. it was clear he didnt remember anything but nobody wanted to confront the issue head on.we went outside his room and waited for the doctor to come out. there were clues that harr ddnt remember anything like the fact that he just stared at darcy, he thought one of us was mr style and he didnt recognize the name hazza. even weirder he spoke so polite that unless yu could see harrys moth moving you would not think it was him. the doctor came out."im so sorry" the doctor said " but it seems mr styles has severe memory loss it wont last foreverbut i cannot tell you how long it will be before he does." then the doctor left. nobody said anything but we all knew what eachother was thinking. then darcy started crying. i dont blame her i would. she had been sohappy earlier when i told her that he was waking up and now he couldnt remember her.

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