cry me a river

Darcy styles as you can guess is harry styles daughter. Her uncle niall horan promised that he would always protect her. But when harry ends up in hospital fighting for his life niall has too choose whether to furfill his old promise and look after his friends daughter or just carry on with his life.


4. seeing harry

Nialls p.o.v We entered Harrys room. He looked so strange lying on the bed with all these wires sticking out of him. Darcy entered last she looked at harry and started crying."its ok Darc" I told her and pulled her in for a big hug. We stayed at Harrys side for over 5 hours trying to coax him out of his coma. But he didn't wake. I turned to Darcy "wanna stay at mine till this is all over" I asked her. "yh please uncle ni" she replied. We turned away and went to walk but before we could leave asking for Darcy. She gave us 2 parcels. 1 said to my princess love daddy and the other said happy birthday darling love mum. Tears came to my eyes. Even at 16 harry still did that. Mines at home for you along with the rest of the boys I told her. And we will be back tomorrow hazza. Harrys p.o.v All i could see was swirls of darkness. Loud voices rang in my ears yet I did not recognise any of them. Then I heard her she was crying. In my head I was crying too. I hated that I was hurting my baby. They stayed and talked to me for what seemed like hours but I couldn't seem to reply. I knew i was in a coma and I wanted to wake up but I just couldn't. Then i heard niall. He offered Darcy a place to stay. I was glad that if it was anyone it was him. Him and Darcy had some connection that pleased me no end. It meant that if anything ever happened to me (like it had) she would never be alone. I heard the about to leave and wanted to say goodbye but I couldn't. I heard the nurse give Darcy her presents and niall cry. They left telling Darcy that they would all come back tomorrow. When they left I cried myself to sleep. Well I don't know if if is called sleeping whilst your in a coma but for a while I wasn't concious of my surroundings.
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