cry me a river

Darcy styles as you can guess is harry styles daughter. Her uncle niall horan promised that he would always protect her. But when harry ends up in hospital fighting for his life niall has too choose whether to furfill his old promise and look after his friends daughter or just carry on with his life.


10. liams plan

Liams p.o.v My plan I told them is simple. Harry doesnt need to sing he shows up goes onstage and tells the fans that the doc sed he needs rest. That's amazing lee but what about my solos? Harry asked me. Oh that's simple I told him. Now follow Me but be really quiet. We stopped outside darcys bedroom door and listened to Darcy. She was singing isn't she lovely ( the song hazza used to audition for the xfactor) and she was singing it amazingly. We tiptoed downstairs. Wow exclaimed hazza. I knew my daughter was good but... She's frickin brilliant interuppted niall. Princess hazza called come here a sec Darcys p.o.v I was worried was I gonna get told off. Had uncle ni told dad about the nightmares. Yes daddy I said in my cutest voice. Princess sing isn't she lovely. Um-um I don't know the words very Well. Don't lie to me princess he said.whilst.chuckling now.sing. so I sung. There faces looked a picture afterwards. All of theirs. Dads, uncle nis, uncle Boos, uncle less, and uncle zees. Wow Darcy uncle ni said that was frickin amazing. Dad explained the plan for the concert to me. I didnt particularly want to but I would do anything for daddy.
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