cry me a river

Darcy styles as you can guess is harry styles daughter. Her uncle niall horan promised that he would always protect her. But when harry ends up in hospital fighting for his life niall has too choose whether to furfill his old promise and look after his friends daughter or just carry on with his life.


22. its time-harry p.o.v

we were at an interview the first one since the accident. i was already annoyed. the first question we got asked was. is it true that your 16 year old daughter is pregnant. " yes it is" i said as calmy as possible.

"why would you let that hppen harry?" the presenter i was fucking pissed off

"because after i woke up from my coma i had memory loss. i couldnt remember anything. i pushed my daughter away because i didnt want to hurt her. but the pain from me not remembering her drove her to go to a party and get drunk. therefore resulting in her getting pregnant. i know its my fault but she forgives me. and at the end of the day i am proud of her. not for getting pregnant at 16 but for knowing that as she made the mistake the child is her responsibility to keep it. and know we dont know who the father is but if i can raise a child on my own i know she can. shes twices as strong as me." well that shut her up.

just then louis got a call frm darcy. louis put her on speaker "hello darcy are you ok" he said.

"yes uncle boo its just that eleanors waters just broke, an you meet us at the hospital?"

"ok we will be there in 15 minutes" he said and hung up. "im sorry guys but we have to go"

when we got to the hospital there was no sign of eleanor or darcy. "excuse me" i said to a nurse "do you know whee eleanor tomlinson is?"

"of course" she replied "right this way i think you will be right on time" we followed the nurse into eleanors room where she was really pushing. boo bear immediatley went and grabbed her hand. within 10 minutes the birth was over. my best mate now had a little boy. "whats his name?" i asked louis and eleanor looked at eachother in unison and said

"harry" i was chuffed

"you named him after me?" i said happiness filling my eyes

"well" louis started "we chose the name whilst you were in a coma. harry for a boy or harriet for a girl. you know in case you didnt make it. and even though you came out we decided to keep it."

"aww thats so cute." then i realised "eleanor wheres darcy?"

"i dont know" she replied "i havent seen her since i came in

"shes in theatre having an emergency caeserian" the nurse piped in "but she will be in room 207"

i ran there. after ten minutes she appeared. "mr styles she will be out for at least another hour but if you want to see your grandchildren they are down at the nursery"

"im sorry" i said "but did you just say children?"

"yes" he replied "didnt you know she was having twins one boy and one girl" just then all the boys came in along with perrie, dani and eleanor with harry in her arms.

"hows darcy and the baby?" boobear asked

"well" i began "darcy is out cold an will be for another hour and the baby or should i say babies are down in the nursery. did i mention she had twins a boy and a girl now you guyus can stay here if ya want but for now im going to see my grandkids." god it felf weird saying that at 35. i ran downto the nursery and found 2 kids with the last name styles.i picked them up and hugged them. they were so big for not very old. "eh hum mr styles." came a voice "that says tyles therefore you just hugged two kids that dont belong to you." well that was akward i must have imagined the s. i founde my actual grandkids and gave them a hug. just then i heard niall scream. "hazza styles she about to wake up!" i put down the babies and ran. luckily it wasnt too far. i got ther just as she started to open her eyes.

"this is harry" eleanor said showing her the baby

"aww hes so cute and how long have i been out?" darcy replied

"darcy you have been out for two hours princess and had an emergency caeserian" i told her

"oh and darcy you ddnt have a baby" said niall. boy darcy loooked confused.

"im confused you just said i had a caeserian" she said

"no princessyou didnt have A baby you had 2 babies." i said the look of shock on her face waas amazing

"what are they and i want to see them" she said

"right on it" said the nurse who helped me find darcy. 5 minutes later she appeared with a baby in each arm.

"what you gonna name them princess?" i asked.

"im gonna name him niall" she said pointing at the boy and nall started crying."and im gonna name her isabelle" now it was my time to cry. she had named her daughter after her mum. she named her after the love of my life.

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