cry me a river

Darcy styles as you can guess is harry styles daughter. Her uncle niall horan promised that he would always protect her. But when harry ends up in hospital fighting for his life niall has too choose whether to furfill his old promise and look after his friends daughter or just carry on with his life.


14. but he smiled... and cryed

darcys p.o.v


i couldnt understand it. the doctors said that there was no sign of him waking up today or possibly even this week. i was confused. he was smiling. i saw him. then i saw a single tear escape his eye. uncle niall believed me. "uncle ni" i said "do youreckon he can hear us?" he looked at me and slowly replied " you know what darcy i reckon he can" i looked into his eyes and knew that allthough he was not so sure himself he was tryinng to make this easier for me. " and you know what he carried on. i reckon hes thinking about you right now" i could feel my cheeks go red. not because of embarresment but because of happiness. just then uncle boo came in. he looked so happy with a grinning auntie el ( his wife elanor) in tow. "guys i've got some great news" he cried. "elanors pregnant". the whole room was now full of smiling faces. "i didnt know if now this was the time to bring it up considering hazzas condition but i thought it might cheer everyone up a  bit and... i wanted to let hazza know. hes the arry of larry (their old bromance nickname larry stylinson) and i couldnt not let him no" he stopped "whether he can hear me or not". all was silent for a second. i guess nobody knew whether to be happy for uncle boo and aunt el or be sad that my dad couldnt be here to celebrate with us. "well" began uncle ni. he was always the one to break silences. "i think we should celebrate with nandos". everyone nodded but nobody moved all looking at my dad. i couldnt let them all suffer(well anymorethen they already were) over my dad not when elanor and louis were so happy. " its what he would want. and uncle boo... im so happy for you and i know dad would be too" "aww thanks kevin"  he repled. he had called me kevin since i was a baby. it was all to do with some wierd obsession he had with a parrot when he was younger. i gave my dad a kiss and left the room. before leaving the hospital though i gave the nurse my number and told her to let me know if anything happened.


harrys p.o.v


i heard the doctor tell Darcy that there was no chance that i was coming out of this wretched coma today and probably not even within this week. life was so cruel. all i wanted to do was see Darcys beautiful face at least once more. i hated that i ruined her 16th and now could possibly ruin some more of her life. "uncle n do you reckon he can hear us?" she asked niall. "do you know what darcy i reckon he can. and i reckon that he is thinking about you right now." i heard a sweet irish voice reply. he was right he knew me so well. i wanted to call out to darcy that i could hear and that i was thinking about her. i coulnt open my mouth. though. talk aboutform words. then i heard he door open and next thing i know louis was telling everyone that elanor was pregnant. i was so happy for him i just couldnt show it. " i didnt know if now was a good time to bring it up considereing hazzas condition but i thought it would cheer evryone up a bit and besides i wanted to let hazza know. hes the arry of larry and i couldnt not let him know... whether he can hear me or not" he said. i was so thrilled he wanted me to know. it was nice to kniow that even if they didnt know that i could hear them they informed me. then silence. a deep silence which showed nobody really knew what to feel. i felt so bad first i ruined darcys 16th birthday and now i had ruined the announcal of elanors pregnancy. of course it ws niall to break the silence. " well ithink we should celebrate with nandos" everyone agreed but no body moved or left the room. then i heard Darcy say "its what he would want... and uncle boo im so happy for you and i know he would be too." she was right i wanted them to have fun and celebrate. and i definately was happy for my boo bear. "aww thanks kevin" louis replied. his obsessio with pigeons was unreal. i felt Darcy kiss me and then leave.

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