In The Shadows

Elizabeth (AKA: Liz) has been living in a world of nothing. She had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago and is now living in a hospital where she basically has no life. Doctors said that there is a possibility that her cancer could be treated and would then be gone, but not necessarily. Her life could go two ways.....she could either stay in the hospital for the rest of her life until she dies or her cancer could disappear, in which she could then step out of the shadows of the hospital.

If the cancer doesn't go away will her life in the hospital be a long miserable time for her?

If the cancer disappears and is able to finally live her life, what will it be like to finally step out of the shadows of the hospital?

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6. Chapter 4

~A Few Hours Later~



Liz's POV

It was finally that time of day that we would finally be getting ready to go the concert. I seriously couldn’t wait until the concert which would only be in a few hours. For the past hours Ari and I have really just been caught up in talking about them so much. Surprisingly I wanted to talk about them quite a bit compared to how I barely wanted to talk about them right before my last field hockey game that I had played. I personally really did enjoy talking to Ari about them and practically fangirling over them. However I would have to say though that Ari is probably a bigger fan then me by a lot. She probably would scream and give them a heart attack when we meet them later. 

I began to worry. What if they thought I wasn’t pretty or what if they didn’t like me in general. These thoughts kept running through my head until I was interrupted to Ari speaking to me. 

"What?" I asked her. 

"Oh. I had just said, wouldn’t be awesome if one of them took interest in you!?" she said. 

"That would be great. However there is one in a million chance that it would actually happen" I said to her seriously. 

I personally don’t get why she would say that. She and I both know that it would never happen in a million years. I mean come on, I’m just an ordinary girl who also just happens to have cancer. I’m not some celebrity or model. I was suddenly interrupted in my own thoughts again when I hear a beep go off. Yes, Ari get her phone to go off for when it was time to leave. 

I got up and grabbed a pair of turquoise sunglasses that Ari gave me to wear for accessory wear. I watched a waited while Ari quickly changed into her clothes for the concert. 

Ari quickly came out of the bathroom a minute later all changed and went over to the mirror to fix her hair. She was wearing a pair of navy blue jeans shorts that were similarly shaped like mine. She had a really cool grayish-blue belt on with a gold buckle in front that had a pretty design cut into it. Ari also wore a really pretty black top. The underneath part that extended just a little bit more than a sports bra would, which was black. Connected to it was a flowy black lace layer over, it which flowed just a little bellow her bellybutton. She also had sandals on that had black straps and goldish-silver studs on it. To finish her look off she had a few silver bangles on her wrist, a necklace with three chains connected and a pink streak in her hair. Oh year I forgot to mention I also had a color streak in my hair. It went from blue to green, I personally think that it’s pretty darn awesome. 





Personally Ari and I have never been that girly-girl type. We really weren’t the biggest fans of wearing skirts of just plain nice dresses. However we both shared the same weakness in which we would both become really girl and that was when shopping for dresses that would be for homecoming or prom. 

Honestly the first year in high school we were shopping together for a homecoming dress and we literally spent about eight hours trying on dresses trying to find the perfect one. 

"You ready to go?" Ari suddenly asked me while grabbing her phone, the tickets, and the passes.

 I nodded and we both made our way out towards the hospital’s front desk. When we got there I signed out. When I got outside I saw a limo waiting. Hmmm…..a limo? 

"What’s with the limo Ari?" I asked. 

"Oh yeah I guess I forgot to mention that you get to go to their sound check in a limo" she said. 

"Wow" was all I could say. 

We both climbed into the limo and we were soon off to the concert.



Niall's POV

I was sitting on the couch backstage eating and looking on my twitter. Gosh I never knew some directioners’ comments could be so weird as well as perverted. 

I mean some of them said "I think my ovaries just exploded" weird….. 

The other day I had just posted a photo of a few gift I had received. I had taken the picture with the items on my lap and of course those perverted directions had to be like…
"@NiallOfficial snap a pic of your peen while ur at it"

"@NiallOfficial you should take your pants off then retake the picture, k thnx"

"@NiallOfficial I like your crotch"

"@NiallOffical nice picture of your crotch"

"@NiallOfficial my eyes are glued to your d sorry"

"@NiallOfficial nice crotch"

"@NiallOfficial I am enjoying seeing your crotch"

I mean seriously is that all they’re interested in. Gosh I swear some of our fans are just weird and perverted. I do have to say though that Harry does get more of the dirty tweets then the rest of us, but still it’s really creepy.

Although there have been some perverted yet really funny tweets that I have seen in the past such as….

"Why does Taylor have to come back for Jingle Ball can she just go jingle someone else's balls" 

Oh...the time of when Harry and Taylor were dating. I do have to admitted while it was perverted is really made me laugh.

"Niall stop eating" I heard a voice yell at me interrupting my happy thoughts.

"Whattttt" I groaned.

"Sound check in ten minutes. Get your butt ready" Harry yelled at me.

Uhhhh, I realize this is the last concert of the tour but I'm sooooo tired that I could just go to sleep. I got up a began to get read for our sound check as well as meeting some very lucky fans.



Liz's POV

As Ari and I pulled up to the venue I saw a good number of fans fangirling with each other about One Direction. I saw a few that looked fake but ignored them. Some of the girls though actually did seem to be quite normal like Ari and I. Except for the fact that Ari and I could tend to be a little louder and much more random then others, but I could care less about that right now.

After a few minutes we were all let into the arena area where we would see the boys do their sound check and also get to meet them in person and talk to them!


After their sound check all of them spread out and began to mingle with some of the girls. The groups of girls that came together had at least two or more people with them than Ari and I together so we just sort of stood there awkwardly until I noticed someone's presence next to me. I immediately turned around only to be met by beautiful blue eyes staring into mine. It was the one and only Niall Horan.



Niall's POV

Her eyes. Wow, they were gorgeous. They were a darker shade of turquoise and were absolutely captivating. I could help but just stare at her. I then realized that I may have started to find my stared creepy because she gave me this weird look. I quickly stopped staring and looked to the ground shyly. I couldn't believe I was actually this shy towards a girl. I mean I really aren't shy like this. So why now?

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I quickly turned around to see Liam.

"Everything alright?" he asked quietly so the girls would hear.

I just nodded.

"Ok then. Just at least get to know the girl before you try making any move of her" he said with a wink and walked away.

What was that all about. Could he really tell that I like her. Wait a minute do I even know myself if I like her. Gosh I have to stop debating this in my head right now, all it's doing is giving me a small headache.

"Soooooo what's your names?" I asked the girls in order to break the silence.

"I'm Liz and this is Ari" she said pointing to her friend. 

I just smiled and shook their hands.

"So how old are you guys?" I asked but then quickly realized that may have sounded a little strange.

"Ummm…..why?" Liz asked.

"I was just errr wondering" I said in my best curious voice.

"Oh well err ok. Well I'm sixteen and I'm going to be seventeen in five months" Liz said.

"And I'm also sixteen and I'm going to be seventeen in about 6 months" Ari said and smiled.

I think I could get use to talking to them like this. I quickly went back to having a conversation with them.


Liam's POV

I think Niall's got a crush I thought. I went over to Harry to talk to him about it.

"Hey Harry" I said

"Yeah?" he answered.

"I think Nialler has a crush on that girl" I said while pointing to the girl that I think was Liz.

"Wow. She's gorgeous" Harry said not being able to take his eyes off of her.

"Harry don't do anything stupid and don't get in the way of Niall. He deserves this" I said.

Harry nodded and quickly went back to having a conversation with some other girls. Although I do think Harry's going to do something that he's going to end up regretting.






Ok a few things.....

1) The tweets that I actually used in this chapter are actual tweets I've seen on twitter that had been a comment on one of Niall's photos. I just thought they were really funny and would be cool to add them into the story

2) If you've never have heard or bothered listening to the song that posted where I plan on posting a trailer soon, you should listen to the song. The song there was the thing that partially inspired me to write this story and it's also one of my favorite songs. So yeah you should listen to it :)

3) If you have never seen my story on my profile called "You Had Me At Hello" well the co-authors that are on it right now really haven't done anything and neither have I, but I don't just want that book sitting there. So I was thinking about re-posting/starting it again and starting with some new co-authors. If you are interested you can comment bellow or on the actual story that is posted right now. In the comment you should include.... 

* A quick and brief explanation of why you would want to be the co-author to the book

* Have you published a book here on movellas (if you have I'm going to take a quick look at it to get a sense of your writing style which will help me determine possible co-authors)

* If you were to be a co-author, how much time would you be able to write and help to update the story


I will eventually choose a co-author/co-authors based on this. Also the co-author(s) need to be trust worthy and I have to trust them that they will be respectfully and not delete covers (unless giving permission) nor to post anything that is not agreed on. If "You Had Me At Hello" does not interest you in being a co-author to, there is another story in which you would fill out the same thing but only on a different story. It's called "Unpromissable". Anyways I hope to get some requests in so the stories can be started.


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