In The Shadows

Elizabeth (AKA: Liz) has been living in a world of nothing. She had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago and is now living in a hospital where she basically has no life. Doctors said that there is a possibility that her cancer could be treated and would then be gone, but not necessarily. Her life could go two ways.....she could either stay in the hospital for the rest of her life until she dies or her cancer could disappear, in which she could then step out of the shadows of the hospital.

If the cancer doesn't go away will her life in the hospital be a long miserable time for her?

If the cancer disappears and is able to finally live her life, what will it be like to finally step out of the shadows of the hospital?

~Trailer Coming Soon~ (In the meantime though I'm putting up the song that had inspired me for this story)

*Possible Slow Updates Because of School*


1. Chapter 1 (Part 1)

I remember the one day that changed my entire the life. The day that I had collapsed on the field while playing field hockey as was then rushed to the hospital. Most importantly though about that day is that I would never forget what the doctor told me that would change my life forever...







I remember as if it was yesterday… was just a normal school day and I was with my friend Arianna (Ari) getting ready for a field hockey game. We were sitting on the bench in the locker room putting on our shin guards and cleats when all of a sudden we hear our coach yell for everyone to get outside a start to warm up. Ari and I ran out of the room practically struggling with trying to get our last cleat on our feet. 

When we got outside the sun was shining really bright and I knew right then and there that it would be a tough game to play due to the heat and now the sun. 

Ari and I ran over and joined the rest of the team and began to warm up. After about 20 minutes of warming up, the other team arrives and we all sat down and awaited for them to finished their warm ups. While the majority of our team sat together in a circle, Ari and I went and sat in our special spot which was under and tree which provided us with plenty of shade. 

"So what do you want to do in the meantime?" I asked Ari.

"Hmmm….I don't know lets see….." she said with a smirk. 

I automatically knew where this was going to go. 

"ONE DIRECTION" she nearly screamed in my ear.

I could of sworn I felt many pairs of eyes on us at that moment. Why does she have to be so loud sometimes I wondered.

Ari was a huge fan of One Direction. I'm not saying that I'm not a fan of One Direction, I'm a big fan actually but I don't like to talk about them non stop like Ari likes to. I guess you could consider me to be a little bit more of a different type of directioner than others. 

"Really Ari!? You've already talked about them for about a total of 6 hours today. Can't we talk about something else?" I said a little bit annoyed. 

"I'm sorry Liz, you just know I can't help myself by talking about their sexy awesomeness" she said while smiling.

I actually found her statement to be really fun so I began to laugh. Sooner or later both of us were rolling around on the grass laughing so hard. I was actually laughing so hard I was crying. We both finally were able to compose ourselves back to normal and were able to actually look a little bit more normal to other people. Well, at least in their point of view.

"OMG Liz guess what I just found out!?" she nearly screamed in my ear again while looking at her phone.

"What?" I asked her.

"One Direction….They're on a break from their tour" she said.

"So?" I questioned.

"So….that means we can totally TRY to stalk them to where they are and then maybe try to meet them" she said very excitingly.

Oh, did I forget to mention, yup...I guess One Direction was going to be taking they're break in the US instead of going back home. Great, I can only think of how crazy Ari will be these next many weeks. Sigh.

"Ari, I really think you're a little to OBSESSED" I said emphasizing the word obsessed.

"Hey, I at least don't deny it! I mean come on…..they're just all to gorgeous, beautiful and god damn sex-" she was saying before I cut her off.

"Ok ok, I get you're point. You don't have to repeat yourself a hundred more times" I said.

"Oh come on Liz. I know how much you would love for Harry to get in your pants" she joked.

I slapped her arm playfully. Ok, sure Harry is my favorite and is also my Celebrity crush, but no. I would have no interest nor any wanting to get in his pants. Gosh, and I though I could be a pervert sometimes. Wait why am I talking about me this is about what Ari just said. I quickly stopped trying to reason with myself only to hear mine and Ari's names called. 

I looked up to see that our coach had called us over. I guess the game was going to start soon. I quickly drank a sip of my water, grabbed my mouth guard and stick and ran over to the rest of the team with Ari trailing right behind me.

We all gathered for a team huddle and then dispersed into our positions. I was the right mid fielder while Ari was left mid fielder. I looked at the other team very closely before putting in my mouth guard in and positioning my self.





Hey everyone, I hope you guys liked the first chapter!!! Anyways I have to things to thing is funny while the other isn't. So I'll start with the first one....


To @jooleeyah and everyone else who apparently read the story from my do I put this.....I just found out that the stories that my friend had wanted me to upload were someone else's and not her's and I'm really pissed of because I'm technically in trouble because of her. For @jooleeyah I'm really sorry about what my friend did. I seriously had no idea that the stories weren't her's. My friend....well she's the shy type and she didn't want to upload them on her own because she was afraid of possible hate towards 'her' writing. Well...that's what she told me, so she asked me if I could upload them for her because she saw how well I was doing and how many positive feedback I was getting on here. What made this situation even worse is that I also have a wattpad and she also asked me if I could upload it on there for her too, so I agreed. (This was the during the same time of when she asked me to upload it here) Anyways the other day I went on my email after I woke up and saw that I got a bunch on different emails regarding comments on my story and all so when I clicked on one for wattpad it said to log in and then it basically was telling me to re-register. So apparently all of this happened when I was asleep and had no knowledge of it. Apparently due to the fact that my friend never mentioned that this wasn't her work, my account on wattpad was suspended which has made me really pissed off because I was doing really well on there. On one of my stories I had over 53,000 READS ON IT!!!! And now since my account has been suspended all of my hard work on earning the reads, votes, and fans are gone. I'm really upset and pissed off at this whole situation. I did send the wattpad administrators a message sort of telling them the exact thing that I'm telling you right now and I also asked them if there was anyway for me to get my account back. Anyways @jooleeyah I'm really truly sorry that my friend did this, if I would have known that this wasn't her work, I wouldn't have posted it for her. 


On another funny note, I was in life skills class today and we were talking about STD's and all that stuff. So then it came up about using a condom as and barrier.....blah blah blah....then she put an ACTUAL FLIPPIN CONDOM on a wooden 'thing'. Then she passed it around to have us touch the condom on the wooden model to see how it felt......I seriously think I'm scared for life now....But throughout the whole lesson I had to keep biting my lip or the inside of my mouth to keep me from laughing....yup I laugh during awkward and weird situations

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