In The Shadows

Elizabeth (AKA: Liz) has been living in a world of nothing. She had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago and is now living in a hospital where she basically has no life. Doctors said that there is a possibility that her cancer could be treated and would then be gone, but not necessarily. Her life could go two ways.....she could either stay in the hospital for the rest of her life until she dies or her cancer could disappear, in which she could then step out of the shadows of the hospital.

If the cancer doesn't go away will her life in the hospital be a long miserable time for her?

If the cancer disappears and is able to finally live her life, what will it be like to finally step out of the shadows of the hospital?

~Trailer Coming Soon~ (In the meantime though I'm putting up the song that had inspired me for this story)

*Possible Slow Updates Because of School*


7. *Author's Note*

Ok, I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry that I haven't updated. I have been writing more for the next chapter except since the end of the school year is coming close I have a lot of tests and projects plus then I have FINALS! Oh the joy of being in high school. Anyways though I probably won't be able to update for awhile. Although I might come online to just briefly look and all I really won't be updating until my finals are over. I really hope you understand and that you don't un-favorite or un-fan me because I will be back to write more for this story. For now though you can check out my other stories as well as some of the stories in my favorites list. Thanks again for understanding. 


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