My Love Louis (Third Story to Bullies That Belong to Me)

It has been about a year since Ale lost Louis. She never speaks to anyone, she never does anything with Holly, Meghan or the boys. The only time she is seen, is when she eats. Let's just say her life is miserable, and she can't stand life without her love Louis Tomlinson. The boys have changed. Harry has gone solo, Zayn commit suicide, Liam is a school teacher, and Niall doesn't have a job or career. But what happens when they get a special surprise?


8. Chapter 7

Ale's P.O.V. I looked at Louis smiling. Does he like me too? I like him but I'm not sure on how to tell him. I need to find a way to tell him that i love him. He is just different. I need to tell him. He puts a DVD in the DVD player. He sits down next to me on the couch, covering us with a duvet.


"Yeah," he looks me into the eyes. I can't tell him. I just can't.

"Uh, what movie are we watching?"

"A movie,"

"Thanks. That helps a lot," he laughs at my sarcasm.

"You'll find out," 


Louis's P.O.V.


"You'll find out," I tell her. I put my arm around her and she leans her head on my shoulder. We are watching Bridesmaids. Best movie ever. We both look at each other at the same time. I look her deep in the eyes. I really like her.

~10 Minutes Later~

Ale's P.O.V.


Louis and I are practically eating each others faces. We are on the couch. My legs are wrapped around his waist, and I'm on top of him. My fingers are in his hair. Our lips move in sync, and our tongues dance together. Louis moves from my lips to my neck. He kisses my neck and gently sucks, making me moan. His hands go under my shirt and he rubs over my back. Our lips release and we look at each other in the eyes. We are both out of breath. He holds onto me tight. 


Louis's P.O.V.


That was probably one of the best moments of my life.



"I don't think we are just friends anymore,"

"No we are not," she laughs. We go back to where we were. She eventually stops kissing me, and takes off my shirt. Her hand runs against my abs. We start kissing again. We kiss for about five minutes when I stop. She sits up and I sit up with her. I take off her tank top. We are both shirtless, but of course she has a bra on. We sit there kissing and I have my arms around her. I start playing with the clip of her bra. It comes undone. She looks at me and nods. I slowly start to take it off. I take it off and all I see is her bare chest. Nothing. Absolutely nothing on her. 


Ale's P.O.V. 


Louis starts to play with the clip of my bra. It comes undone. I nod at him. He slowly takes it off. I notice him staring at my chest. He looks back up at me.

"Wow," was all he managed to say. I laugh and he kisses me. We kiss and kiss and kiss. We are in the middle of kissing when we hear a car honk. He looks at me.

"My parents are home early," I hurry up and out my bra and tank top on, as he throws on his top. We sit down and turn on the TV. We put the duvet over us and my parents walk in.

"Hey Ale. Oh hello Louis,"

"Hello," he says back. 

"Why are you guys back early?" I ask.

"Oh. We had to come back due to bad storms,"

"Oh. That's too bad,"

"Yeah. Well we're tired. We are going to bed,"

"Okay. Goodnight," They go upstairs and we hear the door close.

"That was close," Louis says.


"Nice chest," he says. I just laugh.

"Thanks, I guess," I move over to his side of the couch. I lay on his chest, and he wraps his arms around me.

"I had fun Ale," he winks at me.

"Me too," We both laugh and fall asleep.

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