My Love Louis (Third Story to Bullies That Belong to Me)

It has been about a year since Ale lost Louis. She never speaks to anyone, she never does anything with Holly, Meghan or the boys. The only time she is seen, is when she eats. Let's just say her life is miserable, and she can't stand life without her love Louis Tomlinson. The boys have changed. Harry has gone solo, Zayn commit suicide, Liam is a school teacher, and Niall doesn't have a job or career. But what happens when they get a special surprise?


2. Chapter 2

Ale's P.O.V.      

I woke up the next morning. I smiled as I ran to Louis's room. 

"Happy Birthday babe," i can hear him in my head. 'Thanks love,' I looked around and saw a bump under his covers. I looked and saw a box. I opened it to find a ring. I looked at the bottom. Louis wrote on it. 'Ale's Wedding Ring'. I gasped and ran to Harry's room.

"Hey Ale,"

"Look at this! I found this in Louis's room! He was going to propose!" he grabbed the box and looked at the ring.

"Oh my god, Ale. I don't know what to say," he smiled at me.

"Come on Harry, lets go,"

"I'll bring some stuff to try and pick the lock,"

"Okay!" i ran to my room and threw some clothes on. i ran back downstairs, and found Harry.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes!" We drove to the cemetery, and arrived. I looked through the bars. I saw Louis's casket sitting over there. I looked closely, it was open? Why?

"Um Ale?"

"Yeah Harry?"

"Why is Louis's casket open?"

"I don't know," Harry started to pick the lock. He finally got it open. I ran to the open casket. I slowly walked around the casket and closed my eyes. I slowly opened my eyes. Louis. He wasn't decayed. I figured he would have decayed by now. I felt his cheek. I looked at him carefully. I kissed his lips and smiled. I kissed them again, he was kissing back?! I quickly released.

"Harry!" he ran over to me.

"What is it?"

"Louis. I kissed him and he kissed back,"

"What?!" He ran over to Louis and put his hand against his chest. He looked at me and nodded. Heartbeat. How? I ran over to him.


"A-A-Ale," I looked at him as his eyes slowly opened.Louis sat up and looked at me.

"Louis!" I hugged him and smiled. I looked at him and kissed him, "Louis, you were dead,"

"No I think i was just in a coma,"

"Stupid doctors!" he laughed and i hugged him.

"Has Zayn hurt you or anything while I've been out?"

"Actually, Zayn commit suicide last year,"


"Yeah. Everyone is falling apart. Liam is a teacher, Harry has gone solo, Niall doesn't have a job Zayn commit suicide. And you 'died',"

"Why did Zayn do it?"

"He felt bad for killing you, and he felt bad for hurting me so he thought the only answer was death," Louis looked down. I saw tears roll down his cheeks. I pulled him in for a hug.

"Well, at least no one will be able to hurt you," he smiled. Harry drove us all home. I had my head on Louis's shoulder. We walked through the door and Niall came down the stairs.

"Hey Ale, hey..." he looked at Louis," Louis?" he smiled and hugged him. Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me to his room. He closed and locked the door. He smiled at me and wrapped his arms around me. We started kissing. He licked my lower lip, and i let him in. Our tongues danced together. He bit my lip and i giggled. I took off his shirt. He started to take off mine, but i stopped him. I shook my head, and he nodded. We kissed some more, he threw me on the bed. He laid on top of me and smiled.

"I love you," he said, his voice raspy.

"I love you too," i whispered.

He got off me and laid next to me. He smiled at me and leaned in. We kissed one last time and fell asleep.

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