My Love Louis (Third Story to Bullies That Belong to Me)

It has been about a year since Ale lost Louis. She never speaks to anyone, she never does anything with Holly, Meghan or the boys. The only time she is seen, is when she eats. Let's just say her life is miserable, and she can't stand life without her love Louis Tomlinson. The boys have changed. Harry has gone solo, Zayn commit suicide, Liam is a school teacher, and Niall doesn't have a job or career. But what happens when they get a special surprise?


13. Chapter 12

Ale's P.O.V.


I decide to get up around five. Louis is leaving at seven, so I need to give myself some time to get ready. I take a quick shower, and blow dry my hair. I go to my wardrobe, and pick out blue skinny jeans, a cropped tank top that shows a little of my stomach, combat boots, and a necklace that has a heart. I go and put on some makeup, followed by putting my hair in a pony tail. I look in the mirror, perfect. I grab my iPhone and put in my pocket. I look at the time. 6:30. Perfect timing. I go down stairs and see my mom in the kitchen.

"Off to Louis's?"



"See you later," I run outside and walk two blocks. Louis lives pretty close to me. I look at the time again. 6:45. I knock on the door and wait for an answer.


Louis's P.O.V.


There is a knock at the door and I run down to answer. I open it, and feel a pair of lips smash against mine. She release me and I see Ale smiling at me.



"What are you doing here?"

"My mom said I can see you before you leave," I smile at her and pull her into me. I stop after a few seconds and pull her inside. I take her upstairs and she sits on my bed. I sit next to her and I see her looking down.

"Ale? Are you gonna be okay?"

"I don't know. You're gonna be gone for about four months. That is probably the longest time you and I have been separated,"

'Yeah. The longest was the time you went to America for two weeks,"


"Well, let's not waste time," I push her on the bed and kiss her hard. I slip my tongue into her mouth and our tongues dance. Our lips move in sync. I kiss from her lips, down to her neck. I gently suck, and I hear her moan. I go to her lips and we make out some more. A knock at my door interrupts.

"Come in," I say as I stop kissing Ale. My mom walks in and sees Ale.

"Oh, Ale, hi. I didn't mean to interrupt anything," she says as she slowly starts to back out. "Louis you have ten minutes," She closes the door.

"She knows?" She asks.



"Where were we? Ah, yes. Here," I push her back down and kiss her some more. I take off my shirt and lock the door. I turn back around and see Ale in her bra. I smile and fiddle with the clip. It comes undone, but we just continue kissing. I'm on top of her, and I unbutton her jeans. I pull them off, along with her underwear. I look at the time. 6:53. I take off my pants and underwear as well. I think you know what happens next. 

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