My Love Louis (Third Story to Bullies That Belong to Me)

It has been about a year since Ale lost Louis. She never speaks to anyone, she never does anything with Holly, Meghan or the boys. The only time she is seen, is when she eats. Let's just say her life is miserable, and she can't stand life without her love Louis Tomlinson. The boys have changed. Harry has gone solo, Zayn commit suicide, Liam is a school teacher, and Niall doesn't have a job or career. But what happens when they get a special surprise?


11. Chapter 10

Ale's P.O.V.


"Ale?" my mom yells. I look at Louis. We hurry and sit on my bed, pretending to be talking. My mom walks in.

"Hey mom,"

"Is anything going on in here?"

"No, why?"

"I thought I heard something,"


"Okay," she walks out and closes the door. Louis smiles at me.

"I have to tell her soon,"

"We'll tell her tomorrow morning," 

"Anyways. Where were we?" I smile at him. He leans into me, and kisses my lips. Our lips move in sync, and his tongue slips into my mouth. I can feel him smile. As we were kissing, my door swings open. I hear a gasp and I see my mom looking at us.


"Ale? Can I speak with you please?"

"Yeah, sure," I look at Louis. I follow my mom to the kitchen.



"What did I just see?"


"I saw you kissing Louis. I thought you guys were best friends,"

"We are,"

"How long has this been going on?"

"Since yesterday,"

"What? You guys are just now together, and you are kissing him?''

"Mom, I'm sorry I kept it from you. I was going to tell you tomorrow,"

"I'm just disappointed in you. I want him out,"


"You aren't allowed to see him. I want him out,"

"But mom! He's leaving tomorrow for the X Factor!"

"I don't care,"

"Please mom, I will do anything,"


"Fine!" I go upstairs open my door. "My mom wants you out,"


"She doesn't want me to be seeing you," Louis looks down. He walks up to me and kisses my lips softly.

"Ahem," I turn around and see my mom. 

"Bye, Louis,"

"Bye, Ale," I wrap my arms around him. I won't be able to see him, meaning I won't see him tomorrow before he leaves. He holds me close and tight.

"I'll miss you," I whisper.

"I'll miss you too," he smiles at me and mom, and I watch him go downstairs and out the door.

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