X-Factor Surprise

I'm Alex Horan. I know what your saying that's Niall Horan's little sister!! Well I'm not....I think...My parents abused me my brother and sister. I am not sure what my brothers name is but my sister is Eleanor Calder. Eleanor and I ran away when I was 10 I am know 13. since I have no parents Eleanor is like my parent. so i really love to sing and everyone tells me that I should addition for the x-factor but i don't think I'm that good. Oh and I forgot my best friends are Angel Styles (Harry Styles brother also they are on the x-factor so not that famous...yet) also Brook and Paige Hyland (the names are from dance moms because I couldn't think of other names) they also have beautiful voices. but one day they finally talk me into going with them and Angles brother Harry. But once we are there I never thought that I would find my brother there!!!!.....the rest to have to read find out!!!


30. Who will be the Winner?

We all woke up we didn't really talk we all had to get up and get our stuff out of the house and get ready for the result show. We were all done packing everyone had tears running down there face exept for me. I had no tears left to cry. We all loaded up in the car I was the last one I just didn't want it to end but you know all good things must come to an end. IN the car nobody really talked to each other. Once we got to the place we all got ready and just walked around looking at everything thinking of all the good times we had here like when me and Liam got lost and all the times me and my girls jumped off the stage from being so exited that we made it through a show and now we are all in the final it's just....crazy. We all were backstage and we were listening to the guests sing because it was so loud. After we were all asked to come on the stage. We all were just waiting to see who was going to go home first. The host finally said "The first person to make it through it.................Infinity" we all were jumping up and down we hugged everyone and ran off the stage and cried into each other we were so happy. We couldn't hear what he was saying after that so we all just were staring at the door waiting. You could hear a pin drop in the room it was so quite. Once we saw One Direction we all freaked out and got really exited and hugged each other and cried. *changed it up a bit*. We all had to sing a song together while people were voting. They were going to count the voting from last night and right now. We all went on stage and sang a group duet. After that was over Simon came on the stage because he was both our mentors. The host came up to Simon and asked "How dose it feel, I mean you have 2 acts in the final" He replied with "I am happy for both groups and whoever wins wins. They were both amazing to work with and both groups have an amazing future a head of them". We all just stood there seperated by Simon holding hands waiting for him to say the winner. "The winner of the X-Factor 2010 is.........." I had tears streaming down my face because I didn't want it to end this way I mean I am up against people who now are like family and I really didn't want it to turn out like this. After what felt like forever he finally said "INFINITY". We all were so happy we were crying and hugging OH MY GOD this is amazing. Once our little hug feast was over I looked over at One Direction and my heart just broke. They were all crying and they were crushed. The one person that I really was crushed for was Harry I mean I didn't even want to do this and if it wasn't for him and the girls I wouldn't be here. The girls won but Harry he was 2nd. I ran over to him and hugged him and I thanked him for everything he did and how proud I was of him for making it this far to. All of us gave them hugs and then we had to get off the stage. We got to see our families and we were so exited but I felt really bad for Eleanor, Anne and Robin because they had to have mixed feelings because one of there kids/siblings lost and the others won. After the guys families walked in and congratulated us. Once they all walked in they looked heart broken I just put my head in my hands and started to cry I just felt horrible for them. They all came up to me and told me it was ok but I knew it wasn't. Simon walked into the room and said "boys can I talk to you". After a couple minutes they all came back in jumping and screaming. They scared the pee out of me. then the all started screaming "SIMON SIGNED US" We all were really exited but I still felt a little bad.


We are all back home did I forget to mention that Dani and Liam are dating. Also Louis and Eleanor are. Don't worry Harry is cool with it. We all bought apartments in London I share one with the rest of my girls and then all of the boys got there own. Exept for Harry and Louis they share one. and Eleanor had one. We all take up a whole floor so we have our own floor yay! Don't worry we got permission to have our own apartment so it's all cool.

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