X-Factor Surprise

I'm Alex Horan. I know what your saying that's Niall Horan's little sister!! Well I'm not....I think...My parents abused me my brother and sister. I am not sure what my brothers name is but my sister is Eleanor Calder. Eleanor and I ran away when I was 10 I am know 13. since I have no parents Eleanor is like my parent. so i really love to sing and everyone tells me that I should addition for the x-factor but i don't think I'm that good. Oh and I forgot my best friends are Angel Styles (Harry Styles brother also they are on the x-factor so not that famous...yet) also Brook and Paige Hyland (the names are from dance moms because I couldn't think of other names) they also have beautiful voices. but one day they finally talk me into going with them and Angles brother Harry. But once we are there I never thought that I would find my brother there!!!!.....the rest to have to read find out!!!


17. Truth or Dare

After dinner we all went to the living room and sat down. Again I sat inbetween Angel and Niall. I laid my head on Niall's shoulder and asked "What do you want to do" "Truth or dare" Louis asked "NO" Niall and I yelled at the same time "Hey if it wasn't for truth or dare you guys would still no know that you are brother and sister" Zayn said. We looked at each other and nodded and then played "umm....Katie Truth or Dare" Louis asked one of the other contestants ".......Truth" She answered "ok.....if you could pick one contestant that you had to date who would you pick" Louis said. "Ummm... I don't know maybe......erm...Niall" she said blushing. I looked up at Niall to see him blushing but trying to hide it. I poked his cheek and he laughed and then everyone looked at us confused and hen went back to the game. After a couple of minutes I heard my my being called and then looked up and said "What" Niall laugh and then said "Truth or Dare" "Dare" I said. "I dare you to do some of the tricks you did at bootcamp" Niall said "But I'm to tired to get up" I complained "DO I HEAR CORRECTLY ALEX SAYING NO TO A DARE" Angel yelled to everyone I just got up and did my thing sat back down and listened to the rest of the game. After a while my eye lids got heavy and I fell asleep. I woke up by someone carrying me up to my room I just pretended to be asleep and they put me on my bed and put the blankets on me and kissed my forehead and left. Ant I fell right back to sleep.

sorry it is short.

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