X-Factor Surprise

I'm Alex Horan. I know what your saying that's Niall Horan's little sister!! Well I'm not....I think...My parents abused me my brother and sister. I am not sure what my brothers name is but my sister is Eleanor Calder. Eleanor and I ran away when I was 10 I am know 13. since I have no parents Eleanor is like my parent. so i really love to sing and everyone tells me that I should addition for the x-factor but i don't think I'm that good. Oh and I forgot my best friends are Angel Styles (Harry Styles brother also they are on the x-factor so not that famous...yet) also Brook and Paige Hyland (the names are from dance moms because I couldn't think of other names) they also have beautiful voices. but one day they finally talk me into going with them and Angles brother Harry. But once we are there I never thought that I would find my brother there!!!!.....the rest to have to read find out!!!


25. Not Again

Today we had to get up at 8:30am and we were all still super tired. We had to go to rehearsals today. Since we already had our songs we had more time to practice. Once we all got up we went downstairs without a word and ate without a word. We all finished once a guy came in and said "time to go" and we all got in our vans and went off to rehearsals. We had to go in the room where we figure out who gets what parts for the song. We sang it a couple times with a piano then we did it full out in the room. Once that was done we got to do it on the stage. We went second. One Direction was after us. Once Harry's solo started to come on he didn't sing and he said he wasn't feeling well. "NOT AGAIN" Infinity and most of One Direction said. A woman came up to me with Harry and said "Ok so I need to take both of you to the doctor so stay here and I will be right back" "wait" I said stopping her "why do I need to go to the doctor" "Your foot" she said and then walked away. I nodded and then we started to talk to Harry and everyone else until the woman came back. "Ok Harry and Alex come on" "what" all of One Direction said "My foot" I answered. They nodded and then I ran/hopped to catch up to Harry and the lady. I need to get her name I said to myself. While I was hop running I bumped into one of the dancers "I am so sorry" I said to her "It's no problem what's your name?" she asked "Alex, you?" I asked "Danielle but you can call me Dani" she said then I heard "ALEX COME ON" in the distance. "I have to go it was nice meeting you hopefully I can see you again soon" I said. "Ya nice talking to you too bye" "bye" I said back and went back to hop running to Harry and the lady. Once I got to the car I was about to open the door when Liam ran up to me and said "Alex you forgot your phone" "oh thanks" I said about to open the door when Liam asked me a question "Who were you talking to over there?" I new he liked her because you could tell by the way he was talking about her. "That was Danielle one of the dancers I have to go but I will hook you up with her later" I said joking "Bye" we both said and then I got in the car. Once we got to the doctors the doctor asked us for our names and we told them then the girl we came with was asked the sam question and she said "Olivia". So thats her name I thought to myself. while we were waiting I was texting Brooke, Paige and Angel. After a while they called our names we had to go in different rooms because I needed another x-ray done to see if my leg healed so Olivia asked us "Who do you want me to go with" "You can go with Harry I have done this before" I said. She nodded and walked off with Harry and I just followed the doctor and got the x-rays done. "Ok Alex you can take your boot of but be careful with your foot it is not fully healed so you might limp and you have to wrap it in this medical tape" Once he said that he got me the medical tape and helped me wrap my foot. I walked out with him and met Harry and Olivia in the waiting room. Nothing was wrong with Harry they think it was just nerves. It was about 9pm now because rehearsals took a long time and so did the doctors so we just went back to the house. Once everyone saw my foot the all cheered. A little while after we got back the dancers came over to hang out with us it was only 9:30pm so we let them. Once they got here Liam started to stare at Dani this is going to be fun.....

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