X-Factor Surprise

I'm Alex Horan. I know what your saying that's Niall Horan's little sister!! Well I'm not....I think...My parents abused me my brother and sister. I am not sure what my brothers name is but my sister is Eleanor Calder. Eleanor and I ran away when I was 10 I am know 13. since I have no parents Eleanor is like my parent. so i really love to sing and everyone tells me that I should addition for the x-factor but i don't think I'm that good. Oh and I forgot my best friends are Angel Styles (Harry Styles brother also they are on the x-factor so not that famous...yet) also Brook and Paige Hyland (the names are from dance moms because I couldn't think of other names) they also have beautiful voices. but one day they finally talk me into going with them and Angles brother Harry. But once we are there I never thought that I would find my brother there!!!!.....the rest to have to read find out!!!


18. More Rehearsal

So today rehearsal was at 10:00am so I got to sleep until 9:00am. After I got up and got dressed. I put on a black boot and some purple sweat pants and a white tank top and and the same black thin sweater I wore yesterday. Angel had brown boots and black sweat pants a blue tank top and a purple sweater. Brooke wore yoga with short boots under it and a lime green off the shoulder shirt and a white sweater. Paige wore leggings and boots and a pink long sleeve shirt and a black sweater. We all got downstairs and sat at the table. "Good morning little people" Louis half said and half screamed "The last time I called them little Alex went all sassy and said 'who you calling little'" Harry said and then asked me "half you talked to Eleanor lately" "Umm....well yesterday but for like a minute because she had a shoot" "who is Eleanor and why dose she have a shoot" Aidan another contestant asked "she is my sister and she is a model so she has to go to a photo shoot" I answered "Is she Eleanor Calder" Rebecca another contestant asked "Ya but we don't have the same last name she has my moms last name and I have my dads"I said and then Niall added "So do I" I looked at him and laughed. After we finished eating we had to go to rehearsal. Once we got there we had to wait because we where going in the same order as yesterday so we are in a room practicing goofing off and all the jazz until they call all of the groups. We had to walk into a long hall way and then we finally got to the stage. We had to go last again but it was ok before us was One Direction and all of us jammed out in our seats even some people in other groups did. After they did there song a bunch of times we all got to 'take 5' and sat down and talked to everyone and got to know everyone better. Angel and I sat next to Diva Fever another group in the competition and the kept getting up in our faces and then Harry and Niall must have saw that we were both scared by them and pulled us away. I hugged Niall and said "they are scary thanks for pulling me away" "No problem you and Angel looked terrified by them" I laughed and nodded. It was our turn on stage and We had to sing our song a million times.  We finally got to take a brake. BUt at that moment I realized that I never told Eleanor about Niall. "OK so we are done with this sit here for like 10 more minutes and then we are going to practice the big number for the result show" Simon said through the mic. I sat down still thinking about El and Niall then Zayn came up to me and said "Whats wrong" "Umm well I never really told Eleanor about Niall being our brother and I don't know when I should" I answered "Is she coming to the first live show like all of the contestants families" I nodded and then he said "Tell her then" he said "OK that is a good idea" I hugged him and then we walked back to everyone else and talked about random stuff like what we did before the X-Factor. The last person to go was Harry when he opened his mouth to talk I said "He is a curly haired weirdo that worked at a bakery went to school and had a major crush on Eleanor but she doesn't have one back" I said he looked offended and sad. everyone looked at him and then I said "haha just kidding I asked her and she said she had a little crush on you to" Then his frown turned upside down and I laughed "OK you guys get on the stage and you have to do the result show number" Louis said through the mic. After we did that a million times we got to go back to the contestants house. Once we got there we walked in I saw the most beautiful sight in the world.......

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