X-Factor Surprise

I'm Alex Horan. I know what your saying that's Niall Horan's little sister!! Well I'm not....I think...My parents abused me my brother and sister. I am not sure what my brothers name is but my sister is Eleanor Calder. Eleanor and I ran away when I was 10 I am know 13. since I have no parents Eleanor is like my parent. so i really love to sing and everyone tells me that I should addition for the x-factor but i don't think I'm that good. Oh and I forgot my best friends are Angel Styles (Harry Styles brother also they are on the x-factor so not that famous...yet) also Brook and Paige Hyland (the names are from dance moms because I couldn't think of other names) they also have beautiful voices. but one day they finally talk me into going with them and Angles brother Harry. But once we are there I never thought that I would find my brother there!!!!.....the rest to have to read find out!!!


4. Making Plans

Alex's P.O.V

Ater that everyone practiced there songs and they all sounded amazing. "ok so now that you all sang can you please tell me how we are getting there the closest audition arena is like 5 hours away" I asked. "Paige and I are going to stay at one of our cousins house for the week and we are leaving tomorrow so don't include us in your plans" Brooke told us. "Ok so that makes 4 of us. wait is your mom or dad coming because I'm the only person that has to go for Alex" Eleanor stated. Then Angel looked at Harry and shrugged then Harry answered with " I think our mom and step dad want to come to see us and that is it". "Ok so that makes 6 people and I would think since they only option is to stay at a hotel because nobody would want to get up at like 3am. So if we stay at a hotel your mom and dad would want there own room and I guess we could all share a room" El stated and then we all looked at each other and nodded. I was super exited about the trip and I really wanted to audition but I didn't have enough courage to so I'm so happy they pushed me to do it. Also I'm really sad that Paige and Brooke are not staying with us they are like sisters to me and I really wish they could. "Hey I just got a call from my mom and said that we have to go home pack and then leave for our cousins so we will see you in a couple days and we'll text you once we get there by" Paige said and we all got up to give them hugs and walk them out. After we went back inside we all went on the computer and googled hotels near the audition arena. "This one looks nice 'The Marriott' Harry read of the computer. (A/N IDK what hotels they have in England and sorry if I spelled Marriott wrong) "I think we should stay there" Angel told all of us "Me too" El and I said at the same time. " Well then let me call my mom and tell her our plans" Harry said and left the room.

Harry's P.O.V

*ring ring*

A: Hello?

H: Hi mum

A: Hi Harry what do you need?

H: Well Angel, Alex and I are all auditioning for the X-Factor and sorry for the short notice but El, Alex, Angel and I all found a hotel for us to stay at and we got two rooms one for you and Dad and one for all four of us.

A: Ok so how much dose it cost for our rooms in total?

H: ummm....I think like 5,000 dollars or something

A: Ok so let me write Eleanor a check

H: Ok

A: Also when do we leave?

H: well it's Friday and the audition is next Friday so on Thursday

A: What time? Are the girls going to school? What about Brooke and Paige?

H: Whatever time you want. I don't think the girls will go to school and Brooke and Paige are going to a Cousins house for the week and are going to the audition from there

A: Ok love you bye

H: Love you too bye


Alex's P.O.V

Once Harry left to call his mom all of us girls booked the hotel and went back into the living room. "Angel can you please stay the night" I begged Angel already knowing her answer. "Ya but I think Harry will want to stay too" She answered. "Harry can stay if he wants but your right he probably will" El told Angel. "What do you want to do tonight. "I know we can go buy a lot of junk food order pizza and have an all night movie marathon that we probably will all fall asleep during" I said. They agreed and then once Harry came back we told him our plans.


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