Long Lost Siblings.

A 19 year old girl named Dakota, had been adopted since she was born. Then she finds out that she has twin Brother. Who do you think he is ?
Sorry.. the most horrible description ever.. Yeah i'm not good with these things..


1. The News.

-Dakota's P.O.V.-

Dakota come here. my mummy said.

Yeah. i said.

I want you to pack as much clothes as you can in your suit case.. she said.

Ermm.. Why ? I said.

You are going to England to meet your real parents.. And your also going to live with them.

AHHHHHHH. For real ? I said.

Yes, I am for real. She said.

I went up stairs to pack... I had been adopted since the day i was born. I can't believe this is happening I have been waiting for this day my whole life. I said to my self. I come downstairs with all my stuff. I'm ready mum, i said.

Okay Honey, I have to tell you something very very, very important. You promise not to freak out  ? she said.

I Promise.. i said. 

Well you have a twin brother, and your twin brother is Harry Styles.. she said.

OH MER GOSH. I said.

He is gonna be picking you from the air port, so look for him, okay ? she said. 

Okay I said.

-Harry's P.O.V.-

Honey come here. My mum said.

Yes mum ? I said.

You have a very very, very important job today.. she said.

Okay what is it ? I said

Well you have to go to the airport and pick up someone.. She said..

Okay well who is this someone ? I said.

This someone is your twin sister. She said.

Ii-I have a twin sister ? I said.

Yes, yes you do. she said.

Why didn't you tell me ? I went my whole life not knowing I had a twin sister ? I said.

We didn't tell you because, well i really don't know why we didn't tell you. And Yes, Yes You did.. she said.

MUM, you could have told me. I said.

I Know. but i just didn't want to.. she said..

Okay, what ever. I said.

Now go get ready, you gotta be at the airport early. she said.

Okay.. I said.

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