Long Lost Siblings.

A 19 year old girl named Dakota, had been adopted since she was born. Then she finds out that she has twin Brother. Who do you think he is ?
Sorry.. the most horrible description ever.. Yeah i'm not good with these things..


2. Leaving.

-Dakota's P.O.V.-

Mum,I'm going to miss you a lot. You are the best mum anyone could have. You have gotten me so far, I will never forget you. Mum I Love You. I said.

Awwe, Honey, I'm going to miss you a lot to. I'm never going to forget you either. I love you to honey. She said.

I hugged so tight that seemed like forever, I didn't want to let her go. 

Alright honey, I have to get you off to the air port. She said.

Alright, Lets go mum. I said.

We had a 30 minute car ride to the air port. we talked about everything. 

Alright mum I guess this is good bye, I love you so much. I said.

Honey this isn't good bye, you will be able to see me anytime you want to, I love you so much to honey. She said.

Mum can I see you over summer ? I said.

Yes honey. She said. 

Alright, bye. I said.

Bye, she said.

I can't believe Harry Styles is my twin brother. I can't believe i'm going to meet him, I can't wait. I said to my self.

Well I guess I will sleep while, i'm on this Long flight. I said to my self.

-Harry's P.O.V.-

Alright Mum, i'm off to the air port. I said.

Alright honey, Have fun. She said.

I will. I said.

It was a 40 minute car ride to the air port. But it's worth it if I going to meet my twin sister. I can't believe this.

Finally I got there, it seemed like forever. well i guess I guess I will walk to her gate and wait... and see some fans.

-Dakota's P.O.V.-

Finally the flight is over. it seemed like forever. Well now all I gotta do is look for Harry Styles.. He will probably be Surrounded by fans though. All well. Oh look I think I see him.. I said to my self. HARRY STYLES !! I screamed.. He looked up and came over to me..

Hi uhmm.. do you happen to be my twin sister ? He said.

Haha yes I happen to be. I said.

Whats your name ? He said.

Dakota. I said.

Well lets get going so you can see mum. He said.

Alright I said.

It was a 40 minute car ride, we talked about everything possible. 

We were finally here. 

This away. He said.

Alright, I can't wait. I said.

Hey mum, I got her. He said.

Hey Dakota. She said.

Hey.. I said..

Mum i'm going to go meet up with the boys. He said.

You should take Dakota with you so she can meet the boys.. she said.

Okay, Come on, you will have fun..

Alright i said.

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