Madeline is a normal girl, or is she? Ever since she was 17 she has constantly been visiting the mental sick hospital. But for what reason? Her own. Every day she meets up for meetings with her group to talk about how it is going with their health and mental state. Will she ever discover or figure out what she actually is suffering?

I'm an idiot for these summary's >.< Well I hope the story is okay ^.^


1. Hello

I guess it was because I didn’t have much to hold on to. Every day, as long as I could. I would be spending my days here. I felt normal here. Only here. Again I walked across the white hall, brushing my hands against the walls. They had told me lots of times that I didn’t belong here, I was perfectly normal, and that I should leave. I didn’t, and in the end… they let me stay. I finally came to the door I always went to. Mental disturbed

“Here we are again…” The woman in white said. She always had that grumpy attitude. These people (and I) didn’t deserve that. They were sitting in that circle when I stepped in. They all looked up at me. I quietly dropped my bag on the floor, took a chair, and sat down in the circle. “If you are done Madeline, We can keep going. Who will start?” I sat beside Tim, a lighter disturbed boy, I would guess around the 20 years, probably schizophrenia. Every day, around this time, we would sit here and be talking about problems, our problems. I wouldn’t say it was problems; it was more likely a sickness. We would sit still until one of us would be talking and it was always… “I can start” Kayle said, Kayle who started.

“Go on then, Kayle” The woman in white answered. She sat with her legs over cross, with her little note book on her lap.


A young, about 16 year old girl, paranoia, she was always followed around, or at least that was what she said she was. Long brown curls, brown eyes. Sometimes I looked at these people and wondered, why them? What have they done to the human world that makes them so unwanted? She came here a year ago. She came here alone; her parents didn’t believe her when she said someone was following her, so she searched for help, and ended up coming here. At least that’s what she told.

“He hasn’t been here for a while. I’m happy. I feel like I can walk around on my own now, but only here! Only here…” She whispered the last words. I could see that she began shaking.

“Kayle?” The woman in white asked. I could see from my spot she had scribbled some words down. The only thing I saw was words like crazy, liar and lousy. What could she even use those words for? Useless.

“Kayle, relax or I’m gonna have to go get the doctor. You know how the doctor is.” The woman in white said, she has her beeper in her hand as if she was about to call out to him. She didn’t.

Kayle finally relaxed, I could see it was hard for her, poor Kayle. A tear fell from her eye. She was so scared, I was scared to when I came here, and I’m not even registered in their books. I’m just here, because they couldn’t keep me away.

What can I say? I’m crazy…


Yeah kinda short, but it's not like i'm used to writing story's, but I still hope you like it. It's my first like real story.

I hope I can publish as many chapters I can on a week, and I'll see if I can make them longer too ^.^

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