Wish You Were Here

"I wish you were here." Maybe I can make it happen.


1. Wish You Were Here



     I woke up and checked my phone.



        Two Missed FaceTime Calls

             From: Harreh


     I called him back. No answer. Whatever. I walked to my closet and got dressed. My stomach rumbled. Man, I need food. I sighed and went down to the kitchen. "Morning El."I said smiling. "Hey."She said smiling back. "Do you think we're going to make it for Harry's birthday?I"I asked, grabbing an apple and taking a large bite. "Yeah, probably. Just don't tell him.....Lou said it's a surprise party." "Aight."I said. I sat down and finished my apple. "So, when are we leavng?"I asked. "Not sure, Lou didn't tell me yet."She said. "Oh, alright."I said dissapointed. I really wanna go see the boys. It's been a year and a half, and there's a year left until they come back. I really miss them, alot. "We're defenitaly leaving by the end of the week though."She said. "Yay!" I'm so happy. "Are ya okay there?"She asked. I laughed. "Haha. No."I said. I rolled my eyes and threw my apple away. "I wish we were leaving sooner. We didn't see them in over a year. And I miss them."I said frowning. Eleanor's phone started vibarating. "Hello? Tomorrow? Okay. I'll tell her. Bye. I miss you. No I miss you more. No I miss you more. Okay well I have to go. Bye."She said. "What did he say? when are we leaving?"I asked saying it fast. "Tomorrow."She said. "YESSS!"I said pumping my fists into the air. "I'll go pack."I said running to my room. I packed clothes for a few days and a few pairs of shoes. My phone vibarated and I ran to get it.


       Harreh Would Like To FaceTime


            I hid my bags and answered. "His face appeared on the screen. "Took you long enough.."He said. I laughed. "Sorreh Harreh."I said. "I miss you..."He said. "Yeah, I miss you too."I said frowning. "Just another 11 months, 26 days, 9 hours, 27 minutes, and 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7-" "Okay I get it."I said. "I wish you were here."He said. "Yeah, me too."I half smiled. "Rachel!"I heard El call. "Yeah?"I asked. "We have to pa-"I hung up on Harry. "ck, we're leaving tonight instead."She said. "Okay."I Finished packing in an hour. I brought my backs downstairs and out them by the door. El came down a little after. "Let's go out to eat and then we'll leave."She said, walking out the door with her bags. I followed after and put my bags in the trunk of the car. I got in and we drove off.

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