Harry Wasn't The Only One Who Survived You-Know-Who

Everyone in the Wizard world knows that Harry Potter survived You-Know-Who, while his parents didn't. What everyone doesn't know is that there was another surviver, somehow unheard of. Miranda lives with her horrible grandmother and Grandfather that never lets her have fun. She know exactly what happen to her parents, the effects that it has on her, and to keep it a secret. The exact moment Miranda turns 11 a letter burst through the window and into her hands, excepting her to a Witch Craft & Wizarding school called Hogwarts. For once Miranda thinks she make some friends and have some fun, but hopeing nobody asks her about her personal life.


2. That's a secret

"Well hello Miranda., " said the big man. "Um, hello . . . " "Hagrid, " Hagrid replied. "I'm Harry, " He held up his hand. "Nice to meet both of you, I'm Miranda., " I put on a smile even though I was nervous. "All right let's go., " Hagrid took out the object again. It was a wand. The two trunks, Harry's and mine, slid across the drive way and stopped at his feet."Wingardium Leviosa!, " the two trunks lifted into the air and into a small pouch. I opened my mouth to say something, but Harry cut me off. "Don't even ask." We walk for about 20 minutes until Hagrid held up a hand. He took out his wand and tap random bricks. The walls split open and into what looked like an old timed market. "Welcome to Diagon Alley, " Hagrid said. He lead us down to a run downed shop and said, "Well stay here and get your wands and I'll get everything else." We looked at each other. "Now or never, " Harry said. As we opened the door all we saw was boxes. "So your a witch?, " Harry asked. I nodded. "Are your parents both muggles?" That is something I didn't want to answer. "That's a secret., " I replied, "So your the famous Harry Potter, did you even know you were a wizard?" "Not until I got the letter." "Oh! Customers!, " A old man said. He stopped and studied us both. "You're the Harry Potter, " the man said amazed and lifted up the hair that fell on Harry's face. There was a lightning scar on his head, just like mine. "And I know who you are!, " the man pointed his bony finger at me. I gave him the 'don't give me away' look. "But sad your unheard of, " he said. "All right lets get you guys your wands., " he said looking at the many boxes. "Here you two, try these." I held the wand in my hand knowing exactly what to do with it. Harry looked at it bewildered. "Give it a wave, " I whispered. "One, two, three!" We pointed the wand in the same direction. Several boxes flew out of place. I put the wand on the desk, Harry did the same. "No, no., " the man said looking through a different shelf. "Here, " he said. This time a lantern broke. Just like before we put he wands back on the desk. "Hmm, I wonder. . ." He handed us two more wands. I gave Harry a worried look. He returned it with a smile. All of a sudden wind started blowing in our faces. This meant the wands had chose us. "Interesting that those wands chose you two, " the man continued, "The other wand gave both of you a horrible past." I knew exactly what he meant. "Who owned that wand?, " Harry asked. Before the wandmaker could speak I replied, "Nobody in the wizard world calls him by his name, but he was very evil, trust me." "How would you know?, " of course that's another thing I didn't want to answer. "That's a secret too" "Harry, Miranda! Lets go!, " It was Hagrid. "Thank you!, " I said to the man. He smiled and waved. "Alright lets stay here for the night and you guys head off tomorrow!, " Hagrid said. Tomorrow I might just finally find a place where I belong.

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