Zebel: A Jiin's Past

Follow the story of Zebel, a jiin, a shape shifting demon, who will think back to a time when her world wasn't so bleak and what lead her to the place where she is now.


1. Prologue

I woke up in a daze, my head ached as much as my body. I couldn't remember what had happened the night before or who took me to their home. As I looked around I noticed the room had an odor that discussed me. Even though the room was poorly lit I could see blood everywhere and a dead bloody body on the bed I had slept in. He laid sprawled out on the bed, naked, and his eyes open with tears of blood dripping from them. His soul was taken from him, most likely by me.

I looked down at my own body to see if any harm had come to me, but I saw nothing, but the man's blood. I sighed knowing that I had to leave now. I walked to the tile bathroom and washed myself of his blood and got dressed. I left a note on top of his body for his family to find:

I'm sorry.



I walked out to the cold street trying to think of how my life came to be where it is now. So much in my mortal life I wish I didn’t do... so much I wish I did do. All of the people I know are gone. Either they moved and made a living for themselves once I died or they died themselves from overdose. I found myself thinking back to that night... the night I gave my soul to the devil...

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