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Jessica is a depressed girl who is in a mental institute.when she finds out her twin brother Jackson is still alive she asks but everyone seems to not tell her why they where separated. When she sneaks out to find her long lost brother she tries to find out why they where separaed


1. Californian institute for the mentally insane.

"Horror surrounded me. Cries of pain as the less fortunate are being pumped full of drugs to shut them up. The scary faces in their white suit's saying in patronizing tone saying were hear for a good reason even though the knock us out. I shouldn't be hear!" This was just another day at  the Californian institue for the mentally insane. But unlike the other "nutters" in their Jenny Johnson was believed into being published as insane. She went in hear when she was five years old after her parents died in a car accent. She was bright for her age at ten years old to not believe she would go insane.Anytime she ask about her parent they just pumped her full of drugs. Fair enough there are some people in their who think there a potted plant but not Jenny. Just then a bitter old woman with a long crow nose came into Jenny's small white room switched off the camera's and started beaten up her. She started when she was five years old by cutting her and almost killing her. As Jenny says angrily " Why the hell do you  do this?". But Julie (the bitter old lady) snarled "You deserver it ! To die!". Julie just left Jenny in a pool of her own blood and tears.

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