The Power of Friendship

DO NOT READ THE TITLE! That is for the end of the story. It could lead you to think the story is girly, and oh how I wish it was. Then I wouldn't be leaving my readers crying in the corner of their room. This movella tells the all-true story of a lonely girl. One without wishes, or goals in life. Once you have read the full story, look back at the title. Only then will it make sense. Beware: this story doesn't get much happier. So fragile readers, I suggest you pick a more girly story. Don't say I didn't warn you.


1. prologue

This story is about a girl without hopes nor dreams. Those hopes have disappeared, like your shadow on a stormy day. The dreams she once had, now present themselves as nightmares. Her parents don't know what has happened, or where their precious little baby has gone. Yet they still try desperatly to fix her. Every time I go over their house, they take turns weeping on my shoulder. If only they knew what really happened. She hasn't talked for two whole years, except to me. We both went through the same thing. I'm Kelsey, Star's best friend.

I'm dreadfully sorry to tell you that this book is Nonfiction, it is not just merely a figment of my imagination. But oh how I wish I had made it up, it was just a horrible nightmare that would vanish once my eyes snapped open. Every passing shooting star I come across I wish that those boys hadn't come into our lives. The Bradly Boys, the two most abusive boys in town. We had dated them, completely unaware of what was to come. How could I have been so stupid? I had come out of that relationship bent, not broken. Star on the other hand, was shattered. Those jerks smashed our hearts, bit by bit. It was simple, she had said, she would never love again. I had completely agreed. It's crazy how two of the most sincere, loving, and nice boys could change that. 

The time has come. Do you continue to reading this dreadful story, or go, to never return. Either way, your probably sobbing into your pillow by now. If I have scarred your heart, I'm not sorry, I want you to know what life can be like. To make you see that compared to mine and Star's, your life is perfect. Embrace that. Well goodbye forever, or I'll see you later. 

This prologue is ending, but the story is just starting. 



~If you haven't read my other story, Intake, please read that. Or at least the part after chapter 12. That'll explain everything. Oh, one more thing: I call my readers fries. So if I call you that, don't think I'm a phsco path. tell me what you think pleeeaaassseee!!! Oh and PS. this really is real! You have to believe me! <3~

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