The Power of Friendship

DO NOT READ THE TITLE! That is for the end of the story. It could lead you to think the story is girly, and oh how I wish it was. Then I wouldn't be leaving my readers crying in the corner of their room. This movella tells the all-true story of a lonely girl. One without wishes, or goals in life. Once you have read the full story, look back at the title. Only then will it make sense. Beware: this story doesn't get much happier. So fragile readers, I suggest you pick a more girly story. Don't say I didn't warn you.


9. Chapter 6

~Got my laptop fixed!!!~

At lunch I got my usual; a lettuce, turkey, tomato hoagie with extra mustard. Also a strawberry smoothie and a bag of Lays potato chips. I was strolling over to Star when a firm grasp landed on my shoulder. I looked over to see Miranda standing there, a wide smirk on her face. "Well, look who it is. Broke any hearts lately?" She snarled, staring into my deep green eyes. I stared back at her intensly. This girl was really getting on my nerves. "Well, I'm about to brake yours." I replied. I showed her the picture of her boyfriend and Jackie kissing. Jackie was a school slut. She got pretty much every guy she asked for. It really wasn't fair... to other girls. Not me. I couldn't care less about guys at the time.  

Anyway, I took that picture two weeks ago at the football stadium. Her boyfriend, Chad, was the star quarterback. it made perfect sense that they would date. So after the game everyone started to file out. When I got in my car, I remembered that i left my phone under the bleacher. So I went to retrieve it. I grabbed it and glanced up. There they were, making out on the ground. I stood there stunned for a moment before realization came in. I quickly snapped a photo and left before they could find out I was there.

Miranda stared at the picture in disbelief. I shook my phone in her face for a few more seconds. i took it away and evily smirked at her. I turned on my heels and walked to Star's table. Sitting down, I thought back. Her eyes. Yes, I'm good with eyes. just a look into one's eyes and I could automatically know what they were feeling and thinking. It comes in handy a lot. Her eyes. They were filled with regret. She probably was going to confront him. They were also filled with sorrow and sadness. Two whole years, wasted. She'll never get them back. But I saw one more thing, hope. Maybe she hoped that it wasn't true, or maybe she hoped that Jackie forced him. But I don't think it was. It was weird, and it puzzled me. That hope was a different hope, like a hope that it was real, and he forced Jackie. Which brought me to my next conclusion, she liked someone. I wanted to know who it was, but I didn't have to worry. Once she broke up with the quarterback, she could have anyone. Because, in reality, who's going to say no to a cheerleader? I know I wouldn't. 

Then another thought scared me to death. When she confronted him, wouldn't it make sense to mention that I took the picture? So they would be mad at me, and you don't want to be on Jackie's bad side. She'll tear you to pieces. Then, of course, Tiffany would. She'll tell the whole school. Then the story would get twisted. I could be the one kissing Miranda's boyfriend, or the one that cursed out Jackie. Things will be said, and done. 

This only proved my point. The point of the whole story. If you don't talk to anyone, you won't get into drama. Star was right, all I have is myself to blame. 


~Thank god I got this done. It took two days, so I hope you like it! This update was published on April 23.~


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