The Power of Friendship

DO NOT READ THE TITLE! That is for the end of the story. It could lead you to think the story is girly, and oh how I wish it was. Then I wouldn't be leaving my readers crying in the corner of their room. This movella tells the all-true story of a lonely girl. One without wishes, or goals in life. Once you have read the full story, look back at the title. Only then will it make sense. Beware: this story doesn't get much happier. So fragile readers, I suggest you pick a more girly story. Don't say I didn't warn you.


5. Chapter 4

There are pros and cons of knowing a lot of people. One pro is that you'll always have someone to talk to. Another is that you can have amazing parties. I think there are more cons. These include some people will end up hating you, there will be a higher percentage of backstabbing opportunities, You'll get in more fights, and you have to remember names. Those are only a few of either pros or cons. That's why I have decided to stay on the con side, it's just so much easier. However, I do know a lot of people. But it's not how most people know each other, you probably know this, so I'll just end it there. 

The blazing sun awoke me. Ah, hump day gets me every time. I looked over at the alarm clock. 9:00. I jumped up as fast as I could and awoke Star. She got the message and shot up too. We spent the next fifteen minutes putting on outfits that barely matched, brushing and styling our hair, brushing our teeth, and sprinting out to my car. Finally, at 9:30, we arrived at the school. Late, but late was better than never, right? Walking up to the front desk to get a pass, I had time to think. By now you should know how boring my thoughts are, but nonetheless, here's what they were. 

I thought about how mad principal Adams would be, and what classes I would miss, but mostly I thought about Kyle and Jack. How they assumed they could just walk into my life, and we would become best friends right then and there. It didn't make sense, they should have moved past that stage by now. Yet they still lingered there, like a leaf under a rock, unable to excape. No matter how much force the wind gives, that leaf still won't, can't, move. Maybe if I blew harder, he would get past the cycle. These boys needed the strongest winds in the world. And I was prepared to give it to them and to make them see I'm just destened to be alone. 

As we entered the office, the clerk gave us a grave look. "Hello, girls. Here's a pass, and next time, try to get here on time." She glared at us one more time before closing the door on us. I was just happy we didn't have to face the principal. That would have been bad. We walked down the empty corrior to my locker. She forgot her combination a long time ago so we both just share mine. She didn't want to tell anyone in fear of being embarrassed, and I accepted that. I would of hated that, and besides, she didn't take up much space. As we approached the locker, I made a mental note not to talk to Kyle and Jack if they came up to us. Wow, that was the second time this morning I thought that. Anyway, I unlocked the lock and put my stuff in. Just then, the bell rang. I had Social Studies, so I got out my history books. Star had Art, so she left empty handed. As I headed to the classroom, which was all the way across the school, I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. "Hey, I didn't see you in Math, are you alright?" It was Kyle. It was sort of nice knowing he didn't forget about me. But at the same time I felt annoyed. Can't he see I just can't be friends with him? I made sure to make it super obvious. 

The rest of the day was occupied by Kyle talking to me. He looked so concerned, like he was almost trying to get me to talk to him. But the rest of his face didn't seem that way. it seemed nice, like he loved talking to me, and as if he'd known me his whole life. It was really starting to get to me. Before i realized what I was doing, I burst. "What is your problem? Can't you see I just want to be alone? You don't get it, do you? I don't talk to people, because of my past. Plus, your making my life so hard to live! I can't breathe without thinking about you and your brother. So look, I'm sorry, but you have to leave me alone." I shouted. everyone in the hall looked at me in disbelief. Oh my God, that was 59 words, to another human! At that point, I just wanted to go curl up in a ball and die. Despite the crowd of people, I only saw Jack. he looked so hurt, like he was about to cry. "I-I'm sorry. I only wanted to help." He said, barely above a whisper. A tear rolled down his cheek, and he silently walked away. Then I noticed the crowd of people, looking at me in disgust. They slowly disappeared, leaving me heartbroken.

This is why you shouldn't talk to many people. One of them always ends up getting hurt. And now I looked like a complete jerk. Star came racing up to me. Her eyes were full of worry. She pulled me into the nearest bathroom as I started to sob. "Kelsey, that's why we don't talk to other people. They can't be trusted." she said softly as she attempted to fix my makeup. It was no use, my tears were coming out like a river, a lonely, abandoned river. 


So some of the readers started making fun of Star. Please stop, she has been talking about suicide non stop lately. I would have continued this chapter, but I had to make this announcement. if she kills herself, I can't continue this story. After every chapter I write, she reads them. Then she approves of them, or makes some changes. If she dies, how can she approve of it? It doesn't seem right to publish them without her approval. So I beg, please don't bully her because of her past, look at her present, where she is happy. I won't tell you any more, because it might ruin the story. @teamstar 

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