The Power of Friendship

DO NOT READ THE TITLE! That is for the end of the story. It could lead you to think the story is girly, and oh how I wish it was. Then I wouldn't be leaving my readers crying in the corner of their room. This movella tells the all-true story of a lonely girl. One without wishes, or goals in life. Once you have read the full story, look back at the title. Only then will it make sense. Beware: this story doesn't get much happier. So fragile readers, I suggest you pick a more girly story. Don't say I didn't warn you.


3. Chapter 2

     Being 18 stinks because you still have to go to school. It's like finally after years of being contained, you can finally fly. Except you can only get up to two feet off the ground. Your parents may have told you that once you're 18, you can do anything you want to. I'm here to tell you that's not true. Not even an ounce of it. I mean you could stay up late, party everyday, and not work a day. But where will that get you? Staying up late will make you tired for the next day, so you couldn't live your life to the fullest. If you party everyday, you could end up like Star and me, or worse, dead. In addition to that, who knows how many drug dealers hang out there? Once you're 18, your parents can officially kick you out. If you believe that you don't have to work and everything will always be handed to you, good luck. Because you'll become homeless, living on the streets without food or water. So for those who think once your 18 life will be awesome, think again. I'm sorry if I had just crushed your dreams, I was only trying to help. 

     Going to school was always a drag. I had never been bullied, but if you met me you would think I had. I don't talk to anyone, but yet they all seem to know my name. I would consitter myself popular in some ways. Everyone knows me, but doesn't talk to me. They gave up on that a long time ago. I would never respond, or acknoledge that they were even there. It's just easier that way. You don't have to get into drama, or fights. I wish they hadn't known me, but my past had brought them to me. The good old cookie-giving-away days. I wish I had a time machine, then I could go back. I wouldn't have gone to the party, never would have gave out cookies for Star's sake, and never would have met Troy and Chase. But it all did happen, and I can't go back. I am contantly reminded of my haunting past. The past that I just can't seem to get over. It's not that I don't want to get over it, it's that it's just virtually impossible. Like a fish to climb a tree, or a dog to make cat sounds. It just doesn't happen. And it never will, as long as time progresses. 

I was sitting in class when my teacher's voice brought me out of my horrible thoughts. "Today we will be having two new students from New York City. There names are Kyle and Jack. They'll be here in a few moments. Let's get back to math." After that she got back to some boring math subject. Great, some new students to ignore. New students that will try to talk to me, and ask people if I'm blind or deaf. Students who will try to get to know me, if they care enough. Or, they could just bring more drama to this school, if that was even possible. In all of the new students that came here, only one has gotten me to talk back. That one special person is Kaylie. She has cancer, so she is bald. Everyone makes fun of her, they're soulless people. I saw something in her though, a spark. She really didn't care if people teased her, she kept going. We talked for a while, she even got me to laugh a few times. Sadly, after only two months of knowing her, she passed away. It wasn't fair, she was such a kind, gentle, and funny person. She didn't deserve to die, but Miranda did. She was the one who lead the people harassing Kaylie. She's mean, heartless, and rude. If you couldn't guess, she's head cheerleader. But why? Cheerleaders are supposed to cheer the team on, but how is she cheering the team on being so selfish? I don't get why she has followers. Who would willingly be emotionally teared  down everyday? It just doesn't make sense. 

In walked two boys. They were pretty tall, and really fit. They looked like the kind of boys that would go after cheerleaders. The jerk boys who played with girl's hearts. Bradley kind of boys. That made me shudder. "Hi. I'm Jack" the boy with the brown hair said. He had blue eyes, and a clear face. "And I'm Kyle." the other boy said. They must have been twins, because they look exactly the same. The only difference was that Kyle had a freckle on his nose, a lone freckle. It was weird, but attractive. But I couldn't let myself think that. It was too risky. I glanced over at Star, who was on the other side of the room. We both rolled our eyes, thinking of the cycle. First they would try to flirt. Then they would realize that we weren't talking, and try to get us to. After that, they would accept that. Finally, they would talk to us once in a while, thinking it would work. But it never does. The cycle is always accurate, except for girls, they would skip the flirting part. And of course Kaylie. It pains me to think of her. The cycle was always accurate. It happened 23 times, this would be the 24th. It usually takes around two months for the cycle to be complete. 

Jack walked over and sat in the empty seat next to me. "Why, hello there." he said, trying to seduce me. It seems the cycle has begun. 

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