The Power of Friendship

DO NOT READ THE TITLE! That is for the end of the story. It could lead you to think the story is girly, and oh how I wish it was. Then I wouldn't be leaving my readers crying in the corner of their room. This movella tells the all-true story of a lonely girl. One without wishes, or goals in life. Once you have read the full story, look back at the title. Only then will it make sense. Beware: this story doesn't get much happier. So fragile readers, I suggest you pick a more girly story. Don't say I didn't warn you.


2. Chapter 1

I remember when she used to be cheerful. Nobody hated her because she loved everybody. At lunch she would sometimes bring chocolate chip cookies and hand them out to everyone. After all, her dad owned a bakery. She was basically advertizement. She didn't seem to mind though, she just loved making people smile. We used to fantasize over our celebrity crushes, paint each other's nails, and do other teenager things. We were normal, until that party. The party that changed everything. The party that made our lives what it is today. 


Star had found out about the party on Twitter. She lied and said there would be parents there. There wouldn't be any alcohal once so ever. It would all be okay. Sometimes I blame her. Maybe if she had just told the truth, none of that would of never happened. But now I know it's wrong. It's not her fault, not at all. It was pure peer pressure. She felt like everybody was nice to her only because she brought treats. I suggested that she not bring them in and see who stays her friend. But she would have none of that, she didn't want to know. So instead she had the party idea. So on the night of the party, I put on my best dress and high heels. They were both blue. The dress flowed a bit beneath my knees, and included a belt to go around my waist. Star thought I looked flawless, and I decided to believe her. If only I hadn't, and refused to go. She would of stayed with me, and been maybe a little mad, but would of gotten over it soon enough. That's why sometimes I blame myself. I could of protected her, and that tragic time would of never happened. I could of stopped it, If I had not been clueless and stupid.

We got in her car and she started the ignition. We bounded on the road. I knew we were almost there because I could smell cheap beer and wine. I glared at Star, and she smiled back weakly. Soon after, we stopped in front of a house. Teens were outside grinding against each other dancing to a Katy Perry song. Some were making out on the grass. Other were just sitting on their phones taking pictures. The one thing they all had in common: they were all drunk. I glared at Star again, and she replied by getting out of the car. I got out too and we stumbled towards the door. Once we opened the door we suddenly regreted it. A horrible smell of beer, sweat, and God knows what else greeted us. There was also people EVERYWHERE. There must have been at least six hundred dancing, and about a thousand crowding a table with alohal on it. It looked disgusting, and Star agreed. We made our way to the backyard, which was really hard. Boys wolf whistled at us and girls wouldn't stop gossiping to let us through. It took us a good ten minutes to get us where we were going. As we exited, the smell vanished. Not completely, but enough to let me be able to think again. As I glanced around, I decided this is where I'd stay. People were sitting at tables talking. There was a lot less couples making out here. Plus teens were sitting by the pool dipping their feet in. Not everyone was drinking, and no one was drunk. We sat down on the grass. We had a light conversation until two, dare I say, gorgeous boys came up to us. They started flirting with us. They told us they were Troy and Chase Bradly. Troy had blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles only on his nose. His lips were parted evenly, a major turn on. Chase had brown hair, hazel eyes, and he didn't have any freckles. But he was still super cute. Star's eyes lit up when Chase asked her to dance. Troy asked me, and I happily accepted. We left the party that night with a double date invintation. 


You see, they were really hot. But I should of seen past that the first time he had hit me. I was too dumb to care, I had wanted him badly. Over the next few months I was always bruised. I thought it was my fault. But it wasn't. It never was. Once I had realized that, I tried to take charge. All the anger was boiling up inside of me. I confronted him. He just laughed, and that night, raped me. After that the beatings just got worse. He locked me in my room. He only let me out when he was mad. For example; when his team lost, when him and Troy were fighting, or when his Mac and Cheese was too hot and it burned his tongue. After a while, I came to the conclusion that he was just a big baby that took out his pain on other people. Every night he raped me, usually for an hour, two hours tops. It got very overwhelming. Finally I excaped. I went through the window when he was sleeping. I ran to where Star was staying, and collected her. We ran as fast as we could. 

After that night we told our parents we were sorry, and that we were living with a friend to blow off steam. They believed every word of it. Since then, she was what she is now. We discuss it sometimes, but always end up sobbing in each other's arms. Every day I go to her house and we sing Carry On by Fun. We knew it by heart by now. Our hopes and dreams have been crushed, and we accepted that. 

That innocent girl who always handed out cookies and loved everyone has been ruined. That's my story.

.....But if that's our whole come I'm not done? 

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