forever young

juliet always was alone her parents were barely home she had no true friends and didnt really talk much..... for now


3. The number

when the mysterious boy was about to leave he walked up to the counter and handed me this. I'm sorta confused who gives someone that split coffee on them there number... I wonder if he likes me?

    I rode my bike home today i passed something i didn't notice before. A small pond with a wooden bench, I had been riding for awhile so i decided to sit down and rest. I pulled out my phone and added a new contact MYSTERY BOY. It was getting kinda dark so i decided to go home. when I arrived home there was a big surprise my mom was home she had a plate with my dinner on it, a microwave pizza. "real fancy mom" i teased. 

   when i was done with dinner I went to my bedroom to call my dad, i wanted to call my dad though something inside me all told me to call my mystery boy.My cold fingers went to my contact list and taped nervously on mystery boy. 

                                                                                Aarons p.o.v 

I was quickly losing hope she would call me at all. Suddenly an amazing thing happened she was calling! Should I answer?

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