forever young

juliet always was alone her parents were barely home she had no true friends and didnt really talk much..... for now


2. I'm so sorry!

As i walked back into the coffee shop and took my apron of the hook, something caught my eye. a boy around my age with beautiful hazel eyes and chocolate brown hair covering half of his left eye, his smile was perfect. His lips so plump around his amazing teeth.

Aaron's  p.o.v

I saw the most beautiful girl working at the coffee shop. Her brown wavy hair sitting on her perfectly even head  and her smile oh her smile as it widened as our eyes met. Instantly i was in love,i think she was too.

To bring her closer too me i ordered a coffee and asked the waitress to have the girl bring it to me. The waitress walks over to the girl, the girl nods and starts a brew. About 15 minutes later she walked over nervously. Suddenly a college jock sticks his foot out.The girl comes tumbling forward and spills the coffee all over me. "I am so sorry that guy he just he tripped me I am so sorry" the girl said. " Don't worry about it".  

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