forever young

juliet always was alone her parents were barely home she had no true friends and didnt really talk much..... for now


1. anyone there?

My name is Juliet i m 16 years old i have brown wavy hair and green eyes. Im always alone my parents are either on business trip or caring for some family emergency. Last week my uncle fill was sat on by his Rottweiler. I don't have many friends at all. when i think about my future i always think of me being alone. i laid in my bed for another ten minutes before getting up.

I slipped into my plaid romper and brown sandals. I sorted my soft brown hair into a messy bun. My iphone was sitting on my dresser next to my makeup bag. I stuffed them both in my purse and headed for the door.

I walked down town to my job at the coffee shop. I had my regulars and took a lunch.

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