Long Lost Brother

Hi my name is Amanda but everyone calls my Mandy.
My Birthday is December 23 1995
My Celebrity crush is Louis from ONE DIRECTION <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
My mom is Maria and my dad is john
What happens when I find out that I'm adopted and my brother is.....


10. Contest Over

This was the shortest contest ever!! ohh well (< I say that a lot)

the winners are (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)


JayJayloveslouis123- Louis GF

Niallsgurly-Liam's GF

rikke10-Niall GF

I am so sorry if you didn't get picked. But don't fell bad I'm not even in the story.  So I'm going to give you a Shout Out


You should go read Sophie!! fan fics. They are realy good. one of them is called "im in love with my brothers best friend". It is awesome so go check it out


Last but not least I know you want me to update I promise in an hour or so there will be a new chapter up. I am suppose to be cleaning my room so shhh don't tell my mother. so when I finish I will write a new chapter.

See ya later




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