Long Lost Brother

Hi my name is Amanda but everyone calls my Mandy.
My Birthday is December 23 1995
My Celebrity crush is Louis from ONE DIRECTION <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
My mom is Maria and my dad is john
What happens when I find out that I'm adopted and my brother is.....


11. Chapter 7.


I kind of messed up in the beginning. sorry :'( but Amanda is in high school okay? she is in 12 grade. Last year of high school WHOOP WHOOP! ignore everything I said about her being in high school.

Amanda P.O.V

Today is Monday. UGHHHH!! I was in  "my house" with my "parents". I was so happy because my REAL MOM said I can move in. YEA!! I put on  my teal skinny jeans my black hoddie that says "JACK WILLS" in pink ( that Louis bought me) my white high top converse and my blue bag from Victoria secret. I put on  black silver brown and blue bracelets and a ying and yang necklace. I have ying and my best friend Jayde has yang . Since I'm the only one of my friends have a car I have to pick them up. I first pick up Jayde, she has red hair and blue eyes. Then I go and pick up Rikke, she has beautiful brown curl hair she is my singing-buddy. we got to school 5 min before the late bell rang. My first hour was Music. I'm just like my brother(wow that sounds weird I'm use to being an only child) I love  music. According to the world and my friends I have an ama-Zayn voice (< see what I did there huh huh no okay (-_-) )

I have my own YouTube channel named Mandy<3'slouis (a/n <made it up) I have  to change that now. My life at school is pretty good just that Brooke just annoys me. She is the head cheerleader. She is a super plastic. I use to be BFF with her until she got into gymnastics. The she changed turned into a plastic and hates me. She is a blonde just like me , we use to be blonde-buddies. she has blue eyes just like every other beautiful blonde and lastly she has freckles.


So I got into class and guess who I have class with. YES! it is BROOKE. I have had her for music for 6 years in a roll already. I got to my chair ignoring her. but I know deep down she really wants to be my friend. she just doesn't want to ruin her reputation.

Brooke's P.O.V

I really miss Amanda. She has been I mean was my best friend since kindergarten. I just don't know what to do. I feel bad for ignoring her. I bet she hates me now. I don't bully her or anything I just left her all by herself with anyone. then she made new friends with some nerds. If I become friends with her I might turn into a nerd and everyone will make fun of me. I can't stand to be without her. I did everything with her. I stopped being friends with her last year. I couldn't take the bullying any longer so I ignored her and started gymnastics and became the head cheerleader this year. But I have to make things right so right now after class I am going to tell her that I am so truly sorry. lets see how it goes. before I knew it class was over. but before I went to go talk to Amanda she left. I have to talk to her in lunch YES or Yes.

A/N: I feel like an awful person because I make you wait for a long time for a chapter and I make it short and crappy. >:( im so mad at myself. well even though it sucked I hope you ate liking it so far. And don't worry Brooke I don't hate you just wait a while and I will get you to be an awesome person. 

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