Long Lost Brother

Hi my name is Amanda but everyone calls my Mandy.
My Birthday is December 23 1995
My Celebrity crush is Louis from ONE DIRECTION <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
My mom is Maria and my dad is john
What happens when I find out that I'm adopted and my brother is.....


16. chapter 10

**before I start I just want to say I an so truly sorry I haven't updated but I will try to update more since im in summer**



I cant believe I'm actually doing this. but I just don't fell the connection anymore. Just doing this is an adventure. should I tell him or just keep it my little secret. ohh well time to go on my "little adventure"

Louis p.o.v

when mandy said she had friends over I got kind of irritated because I want to spend time with my little sis. but when I saw here friend I felt something. She had red hair and blue eye. She didn't really look like my type but she just looked so special. " Hi my name is Jayde" she said. "well that is a very pretty name jayde well im Louis Tomlinson" I kept trying to play cool with her because I kind of have a little crush on her but then I remembered....ELEANOR!!!!! " umm I have to go ummm text my girlfriend but see you around" before I was able to walk away I saw jayde with a frown. Does she like me?? what are you kidding I bet that was just my imagination.

Jayde P.O.V

when Louis said he had to talk to his girlfriend it broke my heart I thought he was flirting with me. AHH who am I kidding he is The LOUIS TOMLINSON. The famous singer. I bet his GF looks like a super model. why would he like a girl like me. well the only thing I know is I really like Louis but I cant let mandy know because well Louis is her brother

Louis p.o.v

I dialed Eleanor's number

Ring ring ring

"hey this is Eleanor I cant get to the phone you know what to doo.....BEEP"

I decided to text her

L-Hey babe I miss you xx :*

E-ohh hi Louis sorry im busy  ill talk to you later

L-ok bye love you babe

E-bye :D

That was weird ohh well ill just go down stairs and talk but I CAN NOT FALL FOR JAYDE

**hi I just have to say 4 quick thing

1. who do u think the secret someone is

2.i will update later I promise like at 10pm

3. should zayn be with perrie or should I pick someone else

4.I ship everyone of their relationship especially zerrie<so cute

comment on the question I asked^^^^^^^


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