Stubborn Love

Lennon Martin has experienced more trouble in her 18 years of living than most people do in a lifetime. To take a break from her busy lifestyle a few nights a week she performs on a street corner in London. Just herself, her guitar, and the stray pup Ringo she picked up along the way. She sings her hardships away to passerby's who always just remain strangers in a crowd. One night, much to her dismay, she befriends a strange curly haired fellow and no matter how hard she tries to shake him he keeps coming back into her life. Will she let him in or will she continue to push him away?

Lennon: Uni student, awkward, funny, silly, impatient, broken and stubborn.

*Harry Fan Fic*


2. Chapter Two

Harry’s POV
Something about her was just… I don’t even know… Interesting would be a good word. She was open but at the same time maintained distance. I think the fact that I was dressed a bit sketchy added to that, I couldn’t risk being recognized though. 

I was at Louis’s flat earlier, before deciding to go on a little stroll. Lou had Eleanor over and I always felt like a third wheel with them. I also could use the time to clear my head. I passed by all the brightly lit shops and families going out for dinner. It’s easy to go unnoticed when I’m on my own. Plus I think I whipped up a fairly good disguise if I do say so myself.

As I walked along I heard the all too familiar intro to our big song. I looked around to find where it was coming from to see a small crowd formed up ahead. I walked towards it and a beautiful voice filled my ears. It had a rocky tone to it but at the same time was very sweet and light. I filled in an empty space in the crowd to find a young girl, around my age, playing guitar. Her auburn hair cascaded over her shoulder hiding her face from my view. She was singing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ but her version sounded different. It was slower; I kinda liked it more than our own. She picked up her head to sing the last line to a little girl standing in front of her.

I had to know her. So I guess that brings us to now. We just finished ordering our dinner and she was fiddling with her scarf. I was more than happy that she didn’t know who I was, some could say overjoyed. Its a very rare occurrence for the “worlds biggest boyband.” She would be able to know me for me, not what some ridiculous tabloid says.

“So where you from?” I asked. That’s a good conversation starter, right? Why was I so nervous? Come on Styles turn on the charm. 

“I’m originally from Brighton but I’ve been living in London for the past couple of years while attending uni. You?”

“Ooo down by the sea. I’m from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire but I’m living in London now.”
She nodded along whilst aimlessly picking away at a paper napkin. “Whys that?”

Oh because I’m in One Direction. I can’t just tell her that so I made up a itsy bitsy white lie. 

“I’m going to uni here.”

“Oh cool where?” She looked up from the napkin awaiting my answer. 

I rattled my brain for a school name. “Oh um University of London.”

Her eyes widened “Me too! No wonder you look so familiar...” She trailed off a bit.

Bit more familiar than you probably think. 

“Do you live on or off campus?” She asked.

“Off.” I answered immediately. It’d be foolish to say on because then I’d have to tell even more lies.

“Me too, where abouts?”

“ ‘Round Primrose hill.” Her eyes bugged out of her head and she nearly choked on the water she had been casually sipping. 

“You’re kidding me. Primrose hill? What are you the son of a Lord or something?” She clamped her hands over her mouth in the most adorable way and started stuttering. 

“Sorry that was a bit mean. I mean its okay if you are I just um I’m sorry that was rude but if you are the son of a Duke or something thats coo-.” I cut her off to save her from herself.

“I’m not the son of a Duke and I’m not offended. My family is just blessed I guess.” 

I took in his appearance once more and this time paid closer attention to detail. My eyes looked to his wrist where a rather expensive looking watch was slung around. I nonchalantly looked closer at it to see the print on the face of the watch: Audemars Pigeut. I’m not very savvy with the watch business but I’m pretty sure thats a $100,000 watch. Damn. I then noticed his sunglasses are raybans and his coat, Burberry. Who the hell is this guy? Was he like a socialite or something? Had to be. I mean with that kind of money people usually know who you are. 

“I’ve enjoyed having dinner with you.” He smiled down at me as we walked out of Nando’s. Despite the cold I was all warm and tingly. 

I looked up to him “Me too.”

He looked down at his fancy pancy watch (it is...) “You know its not too late... Would you care to come back to my place?” 

This causes quite the internal battle for me. Going back to his place, I’m assuming, would most likely lead to a one night stand. Lets be real here people, two random uni students... I wasn’t completely opposed to the idea either. I’m no slut! Trust me its just been a while since... ya know... a girls got needs okay! On the other hand, Edward is still a bit of a stranger and for all I know he could be some serial killer. Which I’m starting to doubt because he doesn't really seem like he’s got the cleverness to be one. Hes not stupid! Just a bit slow you could say. Doesn't catch onto things very quickly. After much debate I’ve decided to call it a night. 

“As much as I’d like to I really should turn in. I’ve got a lot of homework to get through.”

“Oh right. Uh me too.” He looked disappointed. I felt bad. Had I led him on? 

“Here let me give you my number. Maybe we can do this again sometime?” Woah. Did I just seriously initiate a second date. Wooo girl power! I looked to Edward to see his reaction. He was smiling away. 

“I’d love that.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out none other than the iPhone 5! Jee wiz what a shocker there. He handed it to me. 

I took the warm phone into my cold hands. I clicked the home button and the screen illuminated. Their in the corner, was a crack. 

“Seriously? You already cracked your screen?” I looked at him in disbelief. 

“That was not my fault! My mate stole it and dropped it!” He looked at me like a little kid trying to explain to his mum why he was in past curfew. 

“Alright alright. Calm yourself.” I said chuckling at his reaction. 

His background was a very dapper looking fellow smiling wide. He too looked really familiar...

“Who’s that?”

“Thats my mate who broke my phone.” 

“And he gets to have his picture as your background?” I asked with an eyebrow raise. 

Edward just shrugged in response. 

I unlocked the screen and typed in my number. I then sent a text to myself saying it was Edwards phone. 

“All done.” I handed it back to him. 

He kept smiling at me. Smirking was more like it. God he was so attractive... And he’s talking to me! sheesh todays my night I guess. Well that was a stupid sentence. Tonight's my night... Damn kids got me all in a fuss. 

“Can I at least walk you to your car?” 

“Oh no its fine. I’m taking the bus anyway.”

He looked at me like I had two heads before saying “Well then I’m driving you.”

Well that does sound a hell of alot better than riding the bus. But, I don’t want to make him go out of his way. Plus, I dont want him to see where I live... Lets just say its not exactly Primrose Hill. 

“Thanks but no thanks. I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way.” I shifted my grip on my guitar case, preparing to walk to the bus stop. 

“No. I insist. It’s late and London can be a bit... odd at night.” His sparkling green eyes burned holes into mine. I can’t help but ever so slightly nod my head. 

Before I can process what’s happening, Edward reaches out, takes the guitar case into his massive hand and slips his arm around my mine. I look up to him find him already staring at me. The damn smirk has reappeared on his face again. That kind of look could make any girl blush and that’s just what I did. I looked away, hoping that the cold would mask the redness appearing on my face. Edward chuckled softly then pulled me along the street. His long strides matching two of mine as we walked along. 

“My car is back at my mates flat,” He spoke casually. “The one who’s on my phone.” He looked down at me knowingly. “Its only a couple blocks from here.”

“Okay.” Was all I could manage to say. My thoughts were getting the best of me. What a strange night this has become. I’m allowing a boy, whom I’ve only met hours before, drive me home. It’s not like me. I’m not this trusting of people, I hope he is worth trusting... Too many people have broken- 

“You alright?” I was brought back to reality by the now familiar husky voice.

I cleared my throat. “Yeah. Just thinking.” I took note of how our arms were still interlocked, allowing Edward to guide me in anyway he pleased. I trusted him though. Why shouldn’t I?

“Hmm I see. Getting trapped in your thoughts are we?” 

“You could say that.” 

“Care to share?”

I paused. For an instant I wanted to tell him everything. I wanted him to know everything. I wanted to invite him in and show him around. I don’t know why, but I did. I felt safe with my arm intertwined with his like we were old friends. I wanted him to know my past. Instead, like always, I held my tongue. 

“Its nothing important.” I said lightly. 

“Maybe some other time then.” He looked down at me then back up to a brick building that sat in front of us. I hadn’t realized till now that we had stopped walking. He led me up the steps and into the warm lavish lobby.

“Wait here, I’m going to run up and grab my keys.” He set the guitar down and sauntered over to the elevator. Just as he went to click the button the door dinged open. 

“Harreh! I was worried about you mate. Where did you get off too?” There stood the boy from Edwards background with a beautiful, smiling girl holding his hand. 

Confusion hit me. Did he just say Harry? It had to be a mistake. But how could it be? The guy was the one from Edwards phone... or should I say Harry. Did he lie to me?

Harry twisted around to look at me. His panic filled eyes answered that question. I’m usually an understanding person but I wasn’t in the mood for bullshit. I swiftly grabbed my case and headed for the doors. I heard Harry call my name and footsteps trotting across the marble floor towards me. I spun around to look into those mesmerising green eyes once again. 

“It was nice meeting you, Harry.” His true name cut like a knife through the air, “Feel free to lose my number.” I mumbled. 

He stood there speechless, so I took it as my cue to leave. As I pushed through the door I heard a brief conversation.

“What was that about Haz?” asked the boy. 

“Nothing.” Replied his husky voice, now thick and icy, filled with anger. 

So I guess I’m just nothing. Sounds about right, always have been always will be. I allow my mind to flash back for a brief second before switching it off.

“You worthless piece of shit! You listen to me when I’m talking to you!” 
My mothers hand flew to my face gripping my cheeks, forcing me to look her in the eye. 
“You are nothing. You are the scum of the earth.” Her cackle rang out into the smoke ridden air. “You’re worse than your father. You will amount to nothing. You are nothing, don’t you ever forget it...”

I looked over my shoulder one last time to see Harry getting into the elevator with his friend looking back at him. The girl caught my eye for a second, her face a mix of confusion and pity. That was enough to send me out the door. I entered the cold night air with tears stinging the corner of my eyes from the painful flashback. 


I got into the elevator leaving Eleanor and Louis standing speechless back in the lobby. Right as the doors closed I ripped my beanie off and violently through it into the wall. I’m a fucking idiot. I kept myself from kicking the door, not wanting to make anymore trouble. I actually liked her. I genuinely wanted to know her. She was a possibility. She was real. 

I took out my phone quickly and opened my contacts. My thumb scrolled through the list landing on L. When I didn’t see Lennon my breath caught. I watched her put it in, it has to be here. I went back to the top and scrolled through slowly this time. I read each individual name. Finally, I made it to the J’s and there she was. John Lennon. I allowed my lips to turn up before returning to a flat line. My thumb hovered over her name. My index finger beat my thumb as I locked the screen. I’ll just give her some time... call her tomorrow. Yeah thats a good plan Harry. Wow. I just talked to myself. Strange. 

I realized the elevator hadn’t moved yet and clicked the penthouse button. Exhaustion hit me and I decided I’d spend the night at Lou’s. When the elevator opened into the hallway I trudged my way to the double doors. I knocked on the door of Louis’ flat then realized I’m an idiot. Louis’s downstairs and probably left with El by now. I rested my head against the door, tempted to lay down and just fall asleep. As I started to slowly make my descent to the marble floor, sliding my head along the door, the elevator door slid open. 

I tilted my head a bit to see Louis standing there smiling behind me. 

“You good mate?”

“Never been better.” I grumbled down at my toes. 

I felt a warm hand rest on my shoulder and give it a squeeze. Suddenly, the door my head was resting on opened and I stumbled inside. I heard Louis’s distinct giggle come from behind me. I smiled a bit at his antic then went and flung myself over the back of the couch. My face hit a furry pillow. 

“Where’s El?’ I spoke into the pillow. Bits of fuzz entered my mouth, I sat up and rubbed my tongue. 

“She thought that maybe... given the scene we just witnessed... you could use some lad time. I thought so too. So she’s gone over to Dani’s for the night.” 

How’d did Louis get such a great girl? Oh right, me. The lads call me cupid cuz I helped set up not only ‘Elounor’ but ‘Payzer’ too. I didn’t really need to help Zayn with Perrie cause he’s pretty good with girls. Niall... well Niall likes food. 

“Tell her thanks for me.” I flicked off my shoes and pulled my legs up onto the couch. 

“You can tell her tomorrow. She’s coming back in the morning for her things. She’s going back to Manchester tomorrow.” I heard Louis voice sadden as he spoke of Eleanors departure. It made me wish I had someone like that. Someone to go back to. Like when we’re on tour and Dani, El, or Perrie come visit... It makes me wish I had someone to... love me. 

“Tea?” Louis called from the kitchen.

“I’m good!” I called back. 

I heard Louis’s footsteps as he reentered the living room. He sat next to me on the couch with his Yorkshire teacup in his hands. 

“Alright, I’m listening. Who’s the girl?” Louis stares me down while he sips his tea, reminding me of some character from the mafia or something. 

“Nobody, it’s nothing. I’m going to bed.” I stand up and place the pillow that I had been gripping in my hands back on the couch. 

“Not so fast.” Louis swiftly lifts his foot up and kicks me in the balls. Not hard but hard enough to send me back to my my previous position on the couch. 

“Fuck off Lou.” 

“Hey hey hey. No need to be moody. Just talk to me Haz.”

I look over at Louis and instantly give in. He’s my best mate. I can’t not tell him. 

“Her name is Lennon and she has the most beautiful voice in the whole wide world...”

I tell Louis everything and he listens intently. Sipping his tea ever so often and asking minor questions. 

“It’s easy to see you really like her mate.”

I shrugged a bit. 

“Soooo heres the plan.” Louis eagerly sat up like a puppy.

“Louis what? No. No plans. Its not going to work out. Just drop it.”

“Shut your mouth and listen lover boy. You are going back to her street corner tomorrow night, with Niall.”

“What’s that going to do?”

“Everybody loves Niall. The man’s cute, he’s hard not to love.”

I nodded a bit, still not seeing where he was going with this. 

“You still aren’t catching on aren’t you?” He sighed. “God you are slow.”

I whipped the pillow at him “Just finish the plan!”

“Alright alright.” He readjusted himself. “You are going to stay hidden while Niall talks to her then you’re going to come out when Niall gives “the sign-”

“What’s the sign?”

“Don’t know, haven’t gotten that far yet.” 

“Okay Lou.” I sigh and push myself off the couch. I’m going to bed. Thanks mate.” 

“Not a problem that’s what I’m here for.” He stood up along side me and gave me a big hug. 

“It’s your turn to get the girl.” I smiled into his shoulder. It is and I love a challenge. Lennon doesn’t even know what’s coming.

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