Stubborn Love

Lennon Martin has experienced more trouble in her 18 years of living than most people do in a lifetime. To take a break from her busy lifestyle a few nights a week she performs on a street corner in London. Just herself, her guitar, and the stray pup Ringo she picked up along the way. She sings her hardships away to passerby's who always just remain strangers in a crowd. One night, much to her dismay, she befriends a strange curly haired fellow and no matter how hard she tries to shake him he keeps coming back into her life. Will she let him in or will she continue to push him away?

Lennon: Uni student, awkward, funny, silly, impatient, broken and stubborn.

*Harry Fan Fic*


3. Chapter Three

I’m so stupid. Why did I even think for a second that I could trust a stranger! But he was so charming and kind. He was so easy to talk to... Why would he lie? How much had he told was true? Does he even go to school? Ugh this just sucks doesn’t it.


I start to walk and slide my phone and headphones out of my pocket. I hit the home button on my iPhone 3 (vintage I know). The screen illuminates the dark night and reads 11:45. Shit. Bus system closes at 12 and I’m 9 blocks from the nearest stop. I looked down at my case and folded stool, bring on the awkward running.


After completing the distance at a delicate trot I made it to the bus stop with less than a minute to spare. I took a second to catch my breath before sticking my headphones in. I clicked play and Jack Johnson's voice filled my ears. Just as I tucked my phone back into my pocket the bus pulled up. And for once tonight I got lucky. It started to rain the second I placed my foot onto the steps of the bus. I looked up to the sky and chuckled. Now you decide to be nice?


I made it home to my flat by 12:15 and couldn’t be more exhausted. I made it into the lobby and climbed the three flights of stairs to my little ole home. Most of the people who live in my complex are uni students since the place is right near campus. I can honestly say I have a special connection with every person on my floor, though some connections are stronger than others.


I made it to my room, 17C, and release a sigh of relief. Finally home. I reach down into my boot to grab my key and... its not there. SERIOUSLY!? Now this!? Gah fuck it. I walk down the hallway a little farther and stood in front of room 21C. All strength escaped me and I allowed my guitar and stool to fall to the floor. I knocked on the door lightly and when no one answered I got frustrated and knocked harder. Can this night just be over now.


The door finally opened and there stood Everett, my best friend. Looking groggy as ever and shirtless. The man was hot and chiseled but I don’t really notice anymore. I pushed passed him into his flat.


“Oh yeah come on in, I wasn’t sleeping or anything.” He said sarcastically whilst grabbing my stuff and bringing it inside.


I took the liberty of sprawling out on the couch and cuddling under the fuzzy blanket I had given him for his birthday.


He came behind the couch and looked down at me.


“Watcha doing?” He asked poking my nose.


“Nothin.” I said, curling myself deeper into the side of the couch.


“You lost your key again didn’t you?” He came around the side of the couch and pushed my legs aside so he could sit down.


“Maybe.” I mumbled into the side of the couch.


“See! this is why you need to start carrying a purse with you like most girls! You wouldn’t lose your keys so much if you didn’t keep them in your bloody shoe.”


I peeked my head out from under the blanket and looked at him sitting across from me. He locked eyes with me and sent me a playful smile. And in that moment I couldn’t hold in my sadness anymore. I just let the tears fall. You know when something bad happens and you get that wrenching feeling in your stomach? You try your hardest not to cry and you hold it back for as long as you can? Yet no matter how hard you try the second you see the eyes of someone who loves you, like your mom or dad, it all comes pouring out of you. It happens cause you know its okay to cry because they won’t judge you. And once those tears start they don’t stop because you remember every bad thing that has ever happened to you. You don’t know why but you do and it makes you cry even harder. And your chest heaves and you feel like you’re drowning. But, then your loved one holds you and they hold you tighter and everything doesn’t seem as bad as it originally was.


Thats just what I felt like with Everett. The second he saw the glossiness in my eyes he lifted me off the couch and carried me into his room. As he carried me through his studio apartment he purposely knocked my feet against the frame of his bedroom door just to make me laugh. I hit him in the chest with my hand that wasn’t wrapped around his back.


“Jerk.” I muttered in between little sobs/laughing.


“I could just drop you instead.” I instantly gripped onto him harder and his deep chuckle wrang through the dark silent night.


He dropped me onto his bed and I started to pull back the blankets and snuggle down.


“Nuh uh. Not so fast! Here.” He went over to the drawer where I keep my overnight stuff. Yes I have a drawer. What? I lose my keys a lot. Plus we have a lot of sleepovers. He is my best friend after all.


He pulled out a jumper, pj shorts, and  fuzzy socks and chucked them at my face. I peeled off my slightly damp sweater from the rain and quickly pulled on the jumper. Seeing as the fact that we are Uni students paying for heat is... well we conserve our warmth. Everett's lucky because he comes from a fairly stable family I on the other hand need to conserve as much as possible. This is another reason I spend my time at Everetts flat.


I then pulled off my damp skinny jeans and slid on my pj shorts along with the socks. Hm so cozy. Now its time to snuggle under the covers. I quickly scrambled under and grabbed a pillow and held it tight. My crying had finally settled down and now I was in the phase of just wanting to sleep the world away. Sadly, I know for a fact that Everett isn’t going to allow this.


He climbed in next to me in the bed and I turned so we were facing each other.


“What’s wrong?” He asked quietly.


“It’s nothing, can I just go to bed?” I asked meagerly whilst batting my eyelashes.


“Nope. Now.” He gave me an expectant look.


“Honest! It’s nothing!”


“Okay. Then answer me this. Why were you home so late Ms. Responsible?” He raised his eyebrows at me.


Flashbacks of the night filled my head; of Harry's laugh and the way he smiled. Then the memory of his words. The words that affirmed that I was nothing. I don’t know why I cared so much about what he said but I did. And as a result of this his words stung.


“I went to Nandos. Happy?” I mumbled.


“See I would be happy but the other times when you go out to dinner you still usually end up getting home by 10. What else happened Lennon? Tell me.”


“I met someone. A guy.” I reluctantly replied.


“Well that’s good!” He smiled.


I frowned at him.


“Or not good... What happened? Do I need to beat someone up?” He puffed up his chest, I chuckled at him.


“No no. He um, well he seemed like a great guy then turned out to be...not so great.”


“Give me more to work with Lennon.”


So then I told him everything. Beginning to end. From the moment I saw Harry as a sketch muffin in a trench coat to when it all broke down. Everett looked slightly confused and angry by the time I had finished my epic tale.


“But why would he lie?” He asked to himself more than to me.


I shrugged.


“Okay well what else happened? Cause lets be real, you are not one to get so dramatic over something like this.”


“Um well I uh was thinking about my mom. Cause I heard Harry say something and it just brought back a bad memory.” I mumbled quietly. I didn’t like admitting my weaknesses. I didn’t like admitting how my mom had made me feel or anything to do with my past for that matter. I looked to Bens face and saw complete and utter anger.


“What did the little prick say Lennon?” His jaw was set tight.


“Nothing bad! Calm down.” I tried to sound lighthearted to make calm him down. Everett occasionally has some difficulty controlling his anger sometimes. He has a short fuse and I’ve learned to help him control it but sometimes it can be hard. He by no means needed to waste his energy on this little matter.


“Just tell me what he said.” His eye bore into mine


I sighed giving up. “As I was leaving I heard his friend ask who I was and he said “nothing.” As in I was just nothing to him. I guess. Well maybe thats just how I interpreted it. I don’t know. I was angry. I overreacted. It’s no big deal.” As I told the story it sounded more and more stupid. I completely overreacted.


Everetts face softened. “I’m sorry Len. You are something. If I didn’t have you in my life I would be nothing. I hope you know that and I hope you believe it. Don’t let some silly boy get you down cause he doesn’t know what he’s missing.” He placed a reassuring hand on my knee and gave it a squeeze.


I smiled at his words and sighed with exhaustion, “Okay thats enough for tonight. Time for bed.”


And with that I closed my eyes and allowed sleep to take over.

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